MLW War Chamber Review

1.Leo vs Banks NR
2.War Chamber: Lawlor, Low Ki, Von Erichs vs CONTRA Unit ***

The latest special event from MLW actually had me rather excited, so let's dig in and see if my enthusiasm is warranted.

The opener here was a squash set to build Leo who is now going to be used as a singles competitor. I'll expect a collision course with Hammerstone is due. It was ok, but I'm not a fan of squash booking and the talents involved in them rarely impress me. It doesn't help that I think the Dirty Blondes sucked.

Salina and Park then come out, beat the shit out of Banks and the ref, and announce that Park will cash in his title shot for the upcoming PPV. That could be interesting.

Next week, we get a 2/3 falls match between the Hart Foundation and Dynasty for the tag belts. I might add that to my pull list, but we'll see.

They also aired a segment featuring Kevin Von Erich and his kids. Good stuff.

Time for the war gam...chamber match.

The Von Erich kids (and Kevin) came off as stars here. Arguably more than Low Ki and Lawlor, to be honest. That's due to the crowd response they received. The match itself was good, but I never felt like this fully broke out of second gear. The outcome was interesting, though. With Park set to challenge the champ, what's next for all of these other players?

Sadly, War Chamber wasn't as enjoyable as I had hoped but it was also far from a bad way to spend an hour. If you are a fan of the promotion or one of the talents involved, consider checking it out. Perhaps you'll like it more than I did.

Overall Rating: 65/100%