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Matches from PROGRESS Toronto
1.Devlin vs Banks ***3/4
2.PROGRESS Unified World Title: WALTER(c) vs Robinson ****

It's always nice checking back in on PROGRESS, even if they are far from the same awesome wrestling promotion that they once were. This rebuild has been rather slow moving as they try to establish their new identity and vision while separating themselves from NXT UK.

Two pulls this time.

First up, Devlin takes on Banks. Both are NXT UK talents. Not a great start at that whole separating thing, but at least this was a great match and another worthwhile encounter between these two. The equal, back and forth nature of this one was entertaining and made both men come off like the stars they truly are. Check this one out.

The main event saw the little pitbull, Paul Robinson, take on the mountain of a man, WALTER for the top prize of PROGRESS. Obviously, WALTER is the current NXT UK Champ, too. While that soul of PROGRESS seems to be MIA these days, little sparks still remain. I thought they did well building this one and they went with a solid formula for the defense despite there being no chance that the title would change hands in Toronto. They worked hard and this turned out to be a fantastic showcase either way so make sure to watch this one, too.

I have heard that they might be planning an angle of independent vs NXT UK. At this point, they need to figure out something because that heart that used to make PROGRESS special is all but gone. They need to be careful, too. I know the partnership with WWE was likely done to attempt to gain something from the situation as Vince snaked up anyone they could, but making a deal with the devil is always a risk. Sure, they likely want to use PROGRESS for that tiered version of the Network that's due soon, but what if Vince decides the tape library is enough and just shuts them down? What if they decide the NXT UK signed stars can no longer work outside of that brand? There's a lot of question marks at play here and none of them should be underestimated.