The Roar of the Manticore (Beowulf Chapter #5 of 6) | The RW+B RPG Series

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Adventure Background: 

Geatland, known for its history of heroic feats, is once again in need of champions. The kingdom faces a dire threat as a ferocious Manticore terrorizes the countryside. As rumors of the Manticore's reign of terror spread, King Beowulf calls upon the heroes to confront this formidable creature and protect his people while he prepares for an epic battle of his own.

Adventure Locations:

Geatland Capital: The adventure begins in the bustling capital, where the heroes meet with King Beowulf, who has received reports of the Manticore's attacks. He entrusts them with the responsibility of protecting the kingdom.

Wilds of Geatland: The heroes journey into the untamed wilderness, where the Manticore has been sighted. They face the challenges of the rugged terrain and its savage inhabitants. Have small settlements or hermit locations added in for extra entertainment. A small cabin on the edge of the woods isn't the worst option and could add tension to the encounters to come.

Major NPCs to Consider:

King Beowulf: The king is deeply concerned about the threat of the Manticore and the safety of his people. He relies on the heroes to put an end to the threat.

Queen Wealhtheow: The queen provides encouragement and support to the heroes, wishing them a safe return. Have her continue to be a major character across sessions for added depth.

Ranger Brithelm: A skilled ranger who joins the party, offering guidance in tracking the Manticore through the wilderness. Brithelm takes this personally as his child and wife were slain by the beast.


Ravaged Villages: The heroes come across the aftermath of the Manticore's attacks, including destroyed villages and terrified villagers. They gather information and plan their next steps.

Wild Creatures: As the heroes delve deeper into the Wilds of Geatland, they encounter fierce creatures that inhabit the wilderness, testing their combat skills and survival instincts.

Ranger's Wisdom: Ranger Brithelm guides the heroes to a hidden lair where the Manticore is known to rest. He imparts wisdom about the creature's behavior and reveals a way to incapacitate it temporarily. He'd love the have the kill shot.

The Manticore's Roar: A climactic showdown with the mighty Manticore. The heroes must use their knowledge and cunning to subdue the creature, with the option of capturing it for some purpose or ending its threat permanently.

Puzzles and Challenges:

Tracking the Manticore through the challenging and rugged wilderness.

Gaining knowledge from Ranger Brithelm to devise a strategy against the creature.

Deciding the fate of the Manticore and the consequences of their choice.

Monsters and Foes:

The Manticore: A formidable and ferocious creature with a combination of features, including a lion's body, a scorpion's tail, and a man's face.

Various other wildlings, goblins, etc.


King Beowulf's gratitude and recognition for their bravery, along with a valuable gift or weapon to aid them in future adventures.

The wisdom and guidance provided by Ranger Brithelm, which may lead to further quests or insights in the wilderness. Consider adding him to the group as an additional asset.

The restoration of peace to Geatland, with the Manticore's threat neutralized.


After a challenging battle with the Manticore, the heroes succeed in protecting the kingdom from its reign of terror. They return to the Geatland Capital as celebrated champions, having once again preserved the kingdom's safety. King Beowulf thanks them for their unwavering courage and determination and asks to see you in private to discuss your roles in a mighty battle yet to come.

This adventure introduces a formidable Manticore as the adversary, bringing a mythical and beastly element to the campaign. It tests the heroes' tracking, combat, and decision-making skills while continuing to build on the legacy of Beowulf in your RPG series.

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