The Cursed Graveyard (Beowulf Chapter #2 of 6) | The RW+B RPG Series

Welcome back for the second chapter. Check out the first chapter, featuring shadows as the central enemy, here. Choices made by players in chapter one will obviously play a role of varying degrees in this path ahead, so make adjustments as needed.


Following the heroes' successful confrontation with the shadowy menace in Hollowbrook, Geatland experiences a period of relative peace. However, a new darkness looms. A massive graveyard, now being called the Realm of Woe by locals, on the outskirts of the kingdom is rumored to be cursed. It has become a breeding ground for wicked forces with a craving for human meat. The dead rise from their graves, and the living must confront this terrifying curse before the numbers of undead grow out of control.


Geatland Capital: The heroes return to the bustling capital, where they receive a summons from King Beowulf, who has heard of the disturbing events in the cursed graveyard. He charges them with investigating the source of the curse to confirm their validity. A great festival is happening this weekend and he promised his queen that he'd try to relegate issues to PC's like the one in the your player's party.

Realm of Woe: The eerie graveyard stands on a desolate hill, where the heroes confront the restless dead and the sinister forces that have awakened them.

Major NPCs to Consider:

King Beowulf: The aged king who entrusts the heroes with the task of unraveling the curse and restoring peace to the kingdom.

Queen Wealhtheow: The queen who fears for the safety of her people and seeks the heroes' aid, hoping to keep her husband far from danger.

Elder Ealdhelm: The wise elder of a nearby village, who shares knowledge about the cursed graveyard and offers guidance.


The Mourning Spirits: In the Realm of Woe, the heroes encounter tormented spirits of fallen warriors who express their suffering and confusion. The spirits may be hostile or may provide clues about the source of the curse.

Restless Guardians: The heroes must face the animated remains of ancient guardians who protect the graveyard. These undead warriors wield weapons and fight fiercely. Alongside them, include a safe from TPK number of standard zombies to the battles.

Necromancer's Lair: Deep within the graveyard, the heroes discover a hidden underground chamber. There, after minor exploration, they confront a powerful necromancer who is responsible for raising the dead. Defeating the necromancer is crucial to breaking the curse but as they are weakened have them attempt to sway select members to their side. Access to the necromancer's book can sway players to the side of evil if used or possessed for too long. Killing the necromancer doesn't end the curse to send all undead back to their slumber, but destroying the book or participation in a serious ritual can.

Puzzles and Challenges:

Deciphering the origin of the curse and understanding the ritual required to end it. Opening the lair could require a special key for players to search for, could require a puzzle on the entrance itself, or could be a place players stumble upon while seeking shelter from a hoard of undead.

Navigating through the labyrinthine catacombs beneath the graveyard and any dangers you add to them, on the way to stopping the necromancer.

Satisfying the mourning spirits to gain their assistance. Consider having the warriors' spirits promise assistance in some future situation.

Monsters and Foes:

Restless Spirits: Tormented souls of fallen warriors, now risen from their graves.

Undead Guardians: Animated corpses of ancient protectors.

The Necromancer: A powerful spellcaster who controls the cursed graveyard and seeks power above all else.


King Beowulf's further gratitude and recognition for their bravery, with an offer of either riches or some other select prize dm's choose as acceptable.

The village elder's gratitude and a special ancient relic that can aid them in future adventures.

The peace and rest of the cursed graveyard, restoring the land's harmony.

Power through dark arts if a player chooses that route.

A favor from the spirits of the warriors after you've allowed them to return to their slumbers.


With the curse lifted and the restless spirits laid to rest, the heroes return to the Geatland Capital as celebrated champions. Their actions are celebrated throughout the kingdom, and King Beowulf thanks them for preserving the kingdom's peace. As they continue their adventures in thiw series, the heroes carry with them the knowledge that they have faced perhaps the most terrifying curse in Geatland's history and overcame the odds.

Chapter three, soon!

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