The Blood Moon (Beowulf Chapter #3 of 6) | The RW+B RPG Series

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Adventure Preview: 

Following their success with the cursed graveyard, the heroes of Geatland have earned a growing reputation as the kingdom's protectors. However, as the next full moon approaches, a dark omen looms. A fearsome werewolf, a creature of legend, is terrorizing the countryside. Pick a fun name for your small village now because the curse of the blood moon is upon them, and the heroes must confront this terrifying adversary head on.

Adventure Locations:

Geatland Capital: The heroes gather information and resources in the bustling capital, where they learn of the werewolf's attacks. The Queen acknowledges the threat and entrusts the heroes with the task of facing it and asks that you tell nothing of this to the King.

Blackwood Forest: The deep, dense forest is rumored to be the werewolf's lair. It's an ominous place where the heroes will face both natural and supernatural dangers.

Major NPCs to Consider:

King Beowulf: The stoic, heroic king capable of impossible things even in his aging body.

Queen Wealhtheow: The queen provides moral support and prays for the heroes' safe return. She is deeply concerned about the threat of the blood moon and the safety of her people. She emphasizes the importance of ending the curse.

Hunter Aelfric: A skilled tracker and hunter who joins the party at the behest of the Queen, offering his assistance in hunting down the werewolf. Consider making Aelfric a temporary party member, providing expertise in surviving the forest.


The Slaughtered Sheep: As the heroes journey through the Blackwood Forest, they stumble upon a gruesome scene: the carcasses of slaughtered sheep, indicating that the werewolf is nearby. Have players do investigations into the scene to search out clues.

Inhuman Pursuit: The heroes are pursued relentlessly by the werewolf under the light of the blood moon, leading to a tense and terrifying chase through the forest.

The Hunter's Cabin: In the heart of the forest, the heroes discover the cabin of a hermit who may hold information about the curse. The hermit is a mysterious figure who offers cryptic clues about the werewolf's origins. Play him as a grumpy old shit and a rebel against the rule of all kings.

The Blood Moon Showdown: A climactic confrontation with the werewolf beneath the eerie light of the blood moon. The heroes must uncover the truth behind the curse to defeat the beast.

Puzzles and Challenges:

Tracking the werewolf through the treacherous forest (or avoiding it).

Deciphering the clues provided by the hermit about the origins of the curse.

Surviving the relentless pursuit and fighting off natural dangers in the Blackwood Forest.

Monsters and Foes:

The Werewolf: A fearsome and intelligent lycanthrope driven by a cursed blood moon.

Wolves: Along with other true, natural beasts of the wild, include actual wolves as threats.


The Queen's gratitude and recognition for their bravery, with a gift of a unique weapon to aid them in future adventures.

The wisdom and information obtained from the hermit, which may lead to future quests or insights.

The peace and safety of Geatland, with the curse of the blood moon lifted.

Conclusion: After a harrowing showdown under the blood moon, the heroes emerge victorious, having defeated the fearsome werewolf and breaking the curse that gripped one of Geatland's small villages. 

They return to the Geatland Capital as celebrated champions, and King Beowulf thanks them for their unwavering courage and determination once he hears the surprising news.

This adventure is designed to be intense and suspenseful, with a relentless pursuit by a terrifying werewolf under the eerie light of the blood moon. It provides a mix of horror, action, and mystery as the heroes confront a supernatural adversary, furthering the legacy of Beowulf in your campaign.

A possible spill-over includes having one of the PC's get infected via bite, scratch, etc. and becoming a werewolf in future sessions. You could also have the one responsible for the killing blow gain control of a wolf pet.

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