The Unholy Horn (Beowulf Chapter #4 of 6) | The RW+B RPG Series

Welcome back for the 4th chapter in this debut run for The RPG Series. If you'd like, find chapter one, two, and three by clicking the links. Expect a physical and eBook edition of the complete Beowulf season, with extras like maps, pregenerated characters, and more soon!

For now, expect this to be the latest skeleton for dungeon masters to utilize.

Adventure Background: 
Geatland, having witnessed the heroes' previous victories against the shadowy menace, the success in the cursed graveyard, and the mighty triumph versus the blood moon beast, now faces a new, unprecedented challenge. A creature of myth and legend, a monstrous unicorn, roams the kingdom, causing havoc and terror. The curse of the unholy horn has descended, and the heroes must confront this enigmatic and fearsome adversary. This is not for the weak of heart!

Adventure Locations:

Geatland Capital: The adventure begins in the bustling capital, where the heroes meet with King Beowulf, who has received reports of the monstrous unicorn's rampage. He entrusts them with the responsibility of ending the curse while he plans for an encounter with a dragon that's rampaging in his kingdom.

Enchanted Forest: The heroes must venture into the mysterious and enchanted forest, the rumored home of the monstrous unicorn. Here, they will face magical creatures and navigate treacherous terrain.

Major NPCs to Consider:

King Beowulf: The king is deeply concerned about the threat of the monstrous unicorn and its impact on his people. He relies on the heroes to put an end to the curse.

Queen Wealhtheow: The queen provides encouragement and support to the heroes, wishing them a safe return.

Forest Sage Elowen: A mystical sage who resides within the Enchanted Forest and possesses knowledge about the monstrous unicorn and the curse. She offers guidance and wisdom. 


The Unicorn's Wrath: The heroes come across the aftermath of the monstrous unicorn's destructive path, including damaged villages and frightened villagers. They must decide on a course of action and gather information.

Enchanted Guardians: As the heroes delve deeper into the Enchanted Forest, they encounter magical creatures (sprites would work) that protect the unicorn. These guardians challenge the heroes in various ways, requiring wit and diplomacy or perhaps a flyswatter style effort, otherwise.

The Mystic Grove: In the heart of the forest, the heroes discover a mystic grove where the monstrous unicorn is rumored to reside. Here, they may uncover the secret of its unholy horn and the curse. Consider using Sage as a companion, later revealing that she has some secret ties to the mythical beast.

The Final Confrontation: A climactic showdown with the monstrous unicorn, a creature of incredible power and beauty. The heroes must determine how to break the curse and put an end to the unicorn's rampage or risk being gored right on up there.

Puzzles and Challenges:

Unraveling the mystery of the unholy horn and the curse that plagues the monstrous unicorn.

Navigating the enchanted and treacherous terrain of the Enchanted Forest.

Winning over or outsmarting the magical creatures that protect the unicorn. Or going murder hobo. That's always an option, too.


King Beowulf's gratitude and recognition for their bravery, along with a special blessing to protect them on future adventures. He mentions that he might need them soon to assist in aid while he faces, "some great beast that might be his end."

The wisdom and information obtained from Forest Sage Elowen, which may lead to further quests or insights.

A magical unicorn horn to utilize with some special ability. Or, hear me out, to just use as a very cool dagger style weapon to shank goblins with.


After a challenging battle with the monstrous unicorn, the heroes succeed in breaking the curse and ending its rampage. They return to the Geatland Capital as celebrated champions, having once again preserved the kingdom's safety. King Beowulf thanks them for their courage and unwavering determination. He considers them heroes of the kingdom and will grant essentially any request asked of him, within reason.

Chapter five, soon!

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