The Cryptid Kid Collective Chapter 1

The Cryptid Kid Collective is a book series I am working on for my kids. They enjoy horror stories and I love making adventures for them to enjoy. A physical release will come soon, but in the meantime check in for chapter releases here on The Update.

Chapter One

Lila peered out her bedroom window, her eyes wide with anticipation. It was the first day of summer vacation, and she couldn't wait to start her adventures with the Cryptid Kid Collective. 

She had formed the group with her best friend, Max, and together they'd recruited Ella, Ollie, Finn, and Zoe for a summer full of mysteries and discoveries.

Lila's nine-year-old heart pounded with excitement as she pulled on her worn sneakers and dashed out the front door, where Max was already waiting, backpack slung over his shoulder. Max was known for being the first to arrive and was always eager to explore.

"Today's the day!" Max grinned, his freckled face beaming. "I've got a feeling we're going to find something incredible in The Whispering Woods."

The Whispering Woods was an old, mysterious forest at the edge of their small town. It was said to be home to all kinds of secrets, from hidden creatures to strange, ancient artifacts. Lila and Max had heard many of the tales from their grandparents, and those stories had just further fueled their fascination with the unknown.

As they approached Ella's house, they found her meticulously organizing her backpack, filled with reference books and a notebook for… well, taking notes. 

"I've got a new field guide on local wildlife," Ella announced, holding it up proudly. "Let's make this summer one of real scientific discoveries."

Ollie and Finn, brothers who lived next door to each other, emerged from their houses, both carrying magnifying glasses and small nets. 

"We're ready to track and catch anything unusual," Ollie declared with a grin. Finn shared a similar smile. 

“Let’s just hope they didn’t bring the stink bombs again,” thought essentially the entire party simultaneously, without any of them actually saying a single word aloud.

Zoe joined the group next, her tablet in hand. She thought the same thing as soon as she saw the brothers. 

"I've downloaded some apps that can help us with identification and recording data," she said, showing them her collection of gadgets.

Finally, Lila's younger brother, Lucas joined the group. He was running a bit late because he had grown distracted by a puzzle. In fact, he held a small wooden puzzle in his hand, his eyes still sparkling with curiosity, as he approached. 

He had a unique way of seeing the world, and the group appreciated his different perspective.

"Lucas, what have you got there?" Lila asked, crouching down to his level.

Lucas handed her the puzzle piece, which bore an unusual symbol etched into the wood. It was a combination of strange, looping lines that seemed to form the shape of a mysterious creature.

"That's The Secret Sign, isn't it?" Max whispered, remembering the stories their grandparents had told them. The symbol was said to mark the entrance to The Heart of Whispering Woods, where the most enigmatic mysteries were rumored to lie.

Lucas nodded, his eyes gleaming with excitement. He had found the handmade puzzle in an old box and instantly recognized what it represented.

The puzzle itself was rather complex and, in its final form, would open a small panel with a map to The Heart.

Lila eyed the puzzle piece with a sense of adventure surging through her. 

"Today, we will search for the real Secret Sign. Who knows what we’ll discover in Whispering Woods? Feel free to keep playing with the puzzle while we explore, brother!"

With their backpacks full of tools and their spirits overflowing with curiosity, The Cryptid Kid Collective ventured into the shadowy depths of Whispering Woods, embarking on a summer of extraordinary mysteries and unforgettable adventures.

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