We are STARDOM!! #107 Review


1.Loser Leaves Unit vs Mask Captains Fall Elimination Apuesta: Oedo Tai vs Queen's Quest ***1/2


This week's installment of joshiresu action was, like most weeks, well worth watching. Note, for those that haven't already taken a look, that this series won my award for best weekly TV series of 2021. Check those awards out HERE if you want.

Anyway, this one focused on a massive clusterfuck apuesta. It was borderline great, but a bit rough around the edges which kept it just below that threshold. The ending doesn't make much sense either if you think about it, but I did appreciate the shock of seeing one of my favorite workers ever turn heel.

All hail the Black Peach.

Because the contest was pretty good and especially because of the betrayal, check this one out!

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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