Pro Wrestling NOAH Grand Square In Osaka Digest Review


1.Sugiura-gun vs M's Alliance NR

2.GHC Junior Tag Titles: Ohara, Kotoge(c) vs Perros del Mal de Japon NR

3.GHC Junior Heavyweight Title: HAYATA(c) vs Harada ***

4.Kaito, Kenou vs Sakuraba, Muto NR

5.GHC Heavyweight Title: Marufuji(c) vs Nakajima ****


A post reflecting on the KHL actually went live while I was still on vacation, but I am officially back with this post. Perhaps it's a bit funny that, instead of catching up on missed AEW content or something else, I'm watching NOAH. Perhaps not. I had a lot of fun covering the N-1 and wanted to see the payoff, though. I would've picked a new episode of Cutting Edge Battle instead and followed with this, but GAORA didn't air a new episode of that series this week once again. Fuck me.

I'll be posting about my vacation soon and also adding a new dWo tonight for those that are interested.

This one started with clips of a six-man grandpa battle, ending with Mochizuki knocking Sugiura's block off. Good shit. Only about a minute aired. Mochi requested a title shot after.

The Junior duo straps changed hands next, with Eita and NOSAWA picking up the victory. The finish was a bit weak, seeing NOSAWA help set up a distraction finish, but it was okay for what it was. I like the title change.

On to the singles junior strap, HAYATA and Harada had a fun one ending with the champ working the arm until Daisuke was forced to tap out. It didn't feel like a major defense, but worked well enough for the circumstances and the workrate was quality as expected.

Drama with Perros del Mal and a challenge followed.

Kenou and Kaito teamed up after and had to use a flashpin to put away the grandpa pair. Okay stuff. Sakuraba is still good but I really haven't enjoyed Muto's work for a while and the two awesome younger workers had to tone down their shit a lot for him/them.

We close with Nakajima besting Naomichi in a fantastic contest and a major title change. I'm ecstatic to see the reign and enjoyed his run through the tournament and over the legendary Marufuji. This felt like a big deal and I'm hopeful he gets a long run at the top. His last reign with this strap a few years back was just over 300 days. Lets see if this one goes even longer!

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