Ice Dragon Tincture Recipe

Ice Dragon is a fine way to get the benefits of THC without smoking herb. To make this tincture, you'll need to decarb your green first. USE THIS GUIDE to do that. Next, place that jar of green-brown into the freezer along with a bottle of high proof alcohol and leave them in there for a few hours.

Next, pour that cold ass liquid into the jar with the plant matter, adding just enough to completely cover all of the flower. Cover back up with the lid and shake that shit for several minutes. Place this back into the freezer. Try to put it in the back and not the door.

Shake the jar once every few hours and then place it back in your chosen spot.

Do this process of shake and return for a few days. The longer you can wait, the better. A day can be fine, but a week seems to be better.

When you've decided you don't want to wait any longer, strain out the plant matter using a cheese clothe or a coffee filter with small holes in it. Place your Ice Dragon into a dark dropper bottle and keep it refrigerated. Shelf life in this scenario appears to be a few months.

Be warned that this can be very, very strong. Know your limits, don't be a dumbass. Only do this in a legal state and only if you know you can handle it. Go slow.

I'll add more recipes soon, including things you can do with Ice Dragon specifically. Let me know how it goes for you.

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