From Dynamite: Anniversary (10/06)

1.The Super Elite vs Danielson, Cage, Jurassic Express ***3/4

2.TNT Title: Guevara(c) vs Fish ***

3.Deeb vs Shida ***1/2

4.Casino Ladder Match ****

From Rampage (10/08)

1.Punk vs Garcia ***1/2

2.FTW Title, Philly Street Fight: Starks(c) vs Cage ***

From Rampage: Buy In (10/15)

1.Fish vs Moriarty ***

2.Suzuki vs Danielson ****1/2

From Rampage (10/15)

1.Sydal vs Punk ***1/2

2.Bunny vs Soho 

3.Men of the Year, Dos Santos vs Inner Circle ***

From Saturday Night Dynamite (10/16) ***

1.Martin vs Black ***1/2

2.AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs Super Frogs **1/2

3.SuperKliq vs Dark Order ***1/2

4.Fish vs Danielson ***3/4

From Rampage (10/22)

1.Jay vs Baker ***

2.PAC vs Andrade ****

From Saturday Night Dynamite (10/23)

1.Dustin vs Danielson ****

2.Cody vs Black ***1/2

From Dark (10/26)

1.Danielson vs Solo ***1/4


I was on vacation and need to catch back up on some stuff. For AEW and a few others, expect posts like this one throughout the week and into early next week. I admittedly cut a few things I would've otherwise watched, but time is not my buddy.

We start with a super fun atomico. A few issues and some nitpicks kept this out of the four star realm, but this was pretty entertaining.

Punk did his weekly speech, which was okay once again, and gave a kid his J's. I'm just glad he's back. That said, maybe it's time for something provocative. I wonder if they are using Punk correctly. I was behind it, as he's being brought back in and utilized to put over some young talent a bit while still pumping up the crowds. There's a better way and it'd make for far better ratings. I think they'll go that route in the coming months, but wish they were kicking off with it instead. 

Fish, who was already signed but was being promoted as an outsider to keep a tone, a move I agree with, had a good challenge against Sammy. I'll admit that it could've been far better and that the chemistry felt a bit off, but not everything needs to be a banger and this was perfectly serviceable.

Lambert's crew attacked after. Fuego tried to make the save. Failed miserably. Jericho and Hager managed to clear house, though. Okay stuff I suppose. Circus act entertainment. The fans singing Fozzy while Dan complained was funny, but I don't care much about this angle if I am being honest.

After, the TBS Championship was officially announced. Cool shit. I think a six-man or women's tag belt should have taken precedent, but that's fine. I would also love an International Championship, with the belt being defended in partner feds like DDT. Anyway, I dig the design. It's decent.

Darby spoke with JR backstage. He reminded fans why he wears the face paint. On a personal note, and something I rarely talk about, but I lost my birth mother not that long ago. She didn't raise me, but I had grown close to her a few years before her passing. She and a friend of hers went out, got fucked up, and crashed their car into a pole in the Austin area. The good news is she apparently died instantly. There is no other good news in the story and I will forever be bitter and angry with her for allowing her demons to take it that far. A part of me died that day so I feel for Allin. I didn't watch his match this week with the big bear that's not in Bear Country. I know that QT tried some shit after and I did see Darby get attacked by MJF and his goons backstage, which was well done.

Dante issued a challenge and Black responded. Good shit.

Starks promoted his match against the big dumb bitch and his defense of the FTW strap. Cage attacked and all. Okay stuff.

I liked the women's match from the episode. Shida couldn't put away Deeb to get her 50th win, which was a fun story, and Serena was an awesome heel here. I agree that I expected more and that both are capable of more, but it was pretty good stuff still and the contest as well as the post-match stuff all worked nicely. Deeb for TBS Champion. Or Hayter. It'll probably be fucking Jade.

The ladder match will be remembered most for the return of Page and his victory. Him holding a giant poker chip was funny shit. Almost as funny as that Sonic ring. I promoted that it was him well in advance, for those keeping track. The story is ongoing and is picking up where it left off and any stans that rambled online like trolls can officially fuck off. The fact that this spotfest featured multiple ongoing plots being carried forward alongside some car crash action made this an easy recommendation for anyone that doesn't suck. Fantastic entertainment.

On Rampage, Punk and Garcia had a borderline great battle. Red Death continues to be one of the most underrated dudes on AEW's shows and Punk continues to be awesome since his return (as a worker). Very fun content.

The FTW defense against the big dumb bitch was chaotic but entertaining. Not great from a quality stance, but fun for what it was. I watched the ECW tribute video, which was good shit. I'm a big fan of ECW, though. I mention that here because the FTW strap match actually felt like ECW style modernized.

Fish and Moriarty was a fairly good one, though I am still waiting for that big Fish match following his cut. Lee has been a fun toy in the AEW toy box.

Suzuki and Bryan fucking killed it in a spirited, MOTYC level battle full of fighting spirit. I dug that flow and the pacing and strongly recommend this one. The American Dragon is showing us that he can still be a master of his craft, even after being toned down for years.

On Rampage proper, we had three solid outings.

Punk versus Sydal was pretty good stuff and felt like a nice throwaway dream match.

Bunny and Ruby was good, featuring decent action and a flash pin. Ford attacked after with Bunny.

The main event was better than expected. Circus act tag stuff that worked well for what it was. A good debut, too.

On Saturday Night Dynamite, we started with Black and Dante in a borderline great match. Spirited shit and I especially love the storytelling attached. The post-match nod felt like a minor version of the Taker/Hardy ladder match.

Omega proved he can put Luchasaurus down for a powerbomb.

Inner Circle and ATT drama continued in an okay segment.

The Super Frogs thing is for sure not my cup of tea. The tag match was okay, though a major disappointment considering who was involved. It felt disjointed, featured a very bad idea being poorly done, and ended with a cheap finish. Worst of all, I had heard at first after this happened that it was a backup concept being executed, which at least made up for it a bit. Instead, Meltzer told me that this was the intended plan. That AAA loved the idea and approved it, which means when they didn't have a hot, full time roster duo win the belts and then had Mistico and Dralistico challenge, they already knew this was happening. I'll just say this was meh and move along instead of rambling more.

Lio and Dante are now a team, apparently.

Andrade had apparently paid MJF to utilize FTR.

I skipped the squash, but know we appear to be getting Orange versus Mox soon, which sounds fun.

Shida and Deeb had a backstage moment.

Dark Order took on Cole and the Bucks next in an entertaining one. The Mr. Socko and kiss portions were nice cherries, but really I enjoyed everything about it. Pretty good match overall and a nice showing from everyone involved.

After, Jungle ran off The Elite and murdered their jackass, no talent buddy.

They ran a package with Cody at the Nightmare Academy that was honestly well done. I agree to a degree with some of the criticisms toward Cody and think many of them hold weight, but I also like the dude for the most part, too. A love/hate relationship, similar to the one I have with Triple H.

MJF was a grade-A dick once again in a segment that ended with the asshole sacrificing Wardlow to Sting.

Anna and Baker shared a moment.

I didn't watch the Kiera/Ford match, but I did see Ruby getting a shot back.

Miro is sad.

Page had an in-ring mic spot to chat a bit with the crowd about his past and his present. He's giving us cowboy shit at Full Gear.

Danielson gave Fish his best post-WWE match thus far. Great, pure and technical battle stuff and a strong main event.

Anna Jay and Baker had a good throwaway match. Nothing major, but enjoyable enough with both looking good. Sets up a tag match with Baker/Hayter versus TayJay as well as Conti versus Baker for the strap, too.

FTR and the Lucha Bros had some drama, with PAC running off the heels after.

Andrade and PAC was fantastic and landed pretty damn well. They have good chemistry together, for sure. The post-match was entertaining too, with Black coming out and helping Andrade beat down the bastard. Then, Arn shot a finger gun and Cody beat some ass. It worked for the situation.

On Dynamite, we had Bryan Danielson and Dustin Rhodes putting in for a fantastic match that far exceeded expectations. Mine, at least. Bryan is a legend and Dustin can really go at times, but I had no idea this would go so hard. Well worth a watch, for sure!

Omega's promo and the announcement of Dark Order vs The Elite was well done.

FTR and the Lucha Bros had some drama.

MJF and his fellow dicks beat down Sting. Good shit and the promo work was ace as always.

Baker and Tay is set for Full Gear.

I didn't watch the Kingston/Archer match, but saw the injury. Wishing the Murderhawk a speedy recovery.

I saw them smartly let Ethan have the mic, as he's far better than Lambert. Decent segment. Sammy is admittedly not that great at this part, though. Guevara being forced to leave the Inner Circle honestly is something I think might happen, simply because Jericho leaves soon and it'd make sense to have the group fall apart (for now). I'm probably wrong.

Mox's promo was great.

I skipped the Jungle Boy match but watched the post-match stuff, with The Elite beating Tarzan down. Fun.

Miro is still sad.

Cody/Black III felt a bit rushed and I strongly disagree with the outcome. It was also a very fun circus act main event. As a minor side note, I loved the fans thinking he was going for a pedigree. This wont be for everyone and wont help the Cody naysayers, but in a vacuum I really enjoyed it.

I forgot to mention it, but the Punk/Fish setup was decent.

I close this 20 match set with Dark content, especially Danielson versus Solo. I saw Men of the Year beat down Sammy and Cole work the mic with some good shit. I also saw Cody is playing a masked character on the side and I feel that this, mixed with the frog stuff, doesn't do anything for me as a lucha fan and instead this feels in poor taste.

The Bryan/Solo match was a good way to close this all out. The American Dragon clearly wanted to spotlight throwaway with Solo and he certainly did that. Good stuff.

AEW really rolled along nicely during this review period. Check out anything I rated ***1/2+ that you missed and that sounds interesting to you.