RW+B Pro-Wrestling Digest: September 26th-October 2nd

So, this is where I admit to doing something very stupid. I had went to make this post, meant to be the second installment of this new ongoing digest series, and I accidentally deleted the original. I'll blame it on low blood sugar and a brain fart. Shit happens.

Los Jinetes del Aire bested Poder del Norte and then former CMLL unit, NGD, versus Psycho Circus' Monster and Murder and Pagano went to a no contest.

Matt Cardona is holding some new gold. He defeated Josh Bishop to take home the Absolute and Intense straps.

Okami defeated Hashimoto and Sato to retain the BJW Tag belts, Nomura bested champion Nakanoue to win the Strong World Heavyweight Championship, and Miyamoto successfully defended the Death Heavyweight belt against Ito in a scaffold death match.

Sky Team reunited with Volador and Mistico teaming with Atlantis Jr where the bested Hechicero, Euforia, and Dragon Rojo Jr.

The Who's Gonna Top 2021 gig closed with DAMNATION's Daisuke, Paulie, and Endo beating their unit-mates in Shimatani, Ishikawa, and Soma and then saw Takeshita successfully defend the KO-D Openweight strap in victory over Chris Brookes.

Azure Revolution defeated Ozawa and Yukipe to retain the brand tag belts.

The G1 continues, though who seems to even be talking about it? Shingo beat Nagata, KENTA topped Ishii, and Sabre beat Kota on night five. On the next show, Cobb beat Goto, Tanahashi got a good one out of Tama Tonga, and Okada got the W over Yoshi-Hashi. On night seven, Sabre defeated Great-O-Khan and KENTA lost to Shingo. Night eight featured Okada over Goto and Tanahashi over Sanada.

On STRONG, Lawlor successfully defended the brand Openweight strap against returning Lio Rush. 

The N-1 Victory Tournament is now complete. A reminder, but I've been covering the tour HERE. During the digest window, we had night five of the set. Click the link for more info.

Luscious Lawrence is the inaugural OVW Kentucky Heavyweight Champion, beating Tony Bizo in the main event of OVW episode 1155.

Cara Noir remains the face of the promotion, beating Luke Jacobs. Fun fact, and of course the pandemic should be considered, but Cara Noir is the longest reigning champion ever for PROGRESS.

Alex Shelley is #1 contender, beating Gresham in a singles match. Kings of the Black Throne, which is Brody King and Tommy End, are the new PWG World Tag Champions after a victory over Black Taurus and Demonic Flamita with the vacant straps on the line. Bandido retained the brand World belt against Davey Richards to close the show.

Chris Dickinson is the inaugural UWN World Champion, beating Mike Bennett in a Prime Time Live main event. 

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