AEW Dynamite 04/08 Review

1.Archer vs Angels NR
2.Baker vs Shida ***1/2
3.Omega, Nakazawa vs Best Friends ***
4.Brodie vs Johnson NR
5.Cody vs Spears ***1/2

Another decent Snake promo package opened us up here and then we were led straight into a squash putting Archer over.

The second match of the night was better than expected, getting a nice lot of time (like a lot of matches right now are for obvious reasons). They worked a physical battle that felt old school in nature. Check that out for sure.

The Best Friends segment and added stip was humorous camp, though it did give away the outcome. Imagine though if they had ran a short angle during this pandemic where NakaOmega were the Best Friends for a few weeks...

The packages promoting Mox/Hager tonight were well done, reminding me of those ONE promos I love so much. I really need to catch up on ONE soon.

Up third, we had a good tag match with a nice touch of comedy as expected. Entertaining filler.

Another decent Brodie package, though what was the opportunity?

Baker's backstage promo worked 1000x better due to the added color.

We then got a tease for Elite Deletion with Matt inviting Jericho to the Hardy Compound. Looks like we might get a nice cinematic match from the two soon. Good, it'll give AEW and Matt a chance to show WWE that they can fuck off. I mean, it feels pretty cheap to let a dude that essentially popularized the genre leave like he was nothing, after booking him like he was nothing, and then jacking his style.

Brodie murdered a student. Thanks for coming, collect your payment at the window.

Closing the episode, we had the first match in the TNT Title Tournament. I thought it was very good and another example of why I think Spears has been one of the few things AEW has screwed up so far. He had monster heat last Summer and could have been a top heel for the brand, but he has largely been just background noise after taking an L to Cody. He came off very well once again here and they both worked hard to make this a worthwhile encounter that built nicely off of their short feud months ago.

Jericho's commentary work tonight was enjoyable alongside Tony and a nice addition.

In all, the entire episode was another good example of AEW rolling with what they can and making it work. If you missed it, either check the whole thing out or just pick around a bit. I'm looking forward to this week's edition in a few days but in the meantime expect stuff like AAA and DDT reviews beforehand.

No We are STARDOM review this week because it's just content from the No People Gate show that I already reviewed.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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