MLW Fusion #104 Review

1.Douglas James vs Septimo Dragon ***1/2
2.Loser Leaves Town, Empty Arena: MJF vs Mance Warner ***

A spirited opener this week kicked things off. I actually have enjoyed a nice handful of matches from both men involved here in the past so it was cool seeing both paired against each other here. MLW has a tendency of booking some rather interesting matches you don't see anywhere else. Just hitting recommendation levels, I suggest checking this one out.

A long bit with this week's rankings, several promos, and some recaps follow. I'm not super invested in the product enough that this part did much for me, but there were some highlights and I'm sure that fans that care more about the story lines than myself will enjoy the stretch.

Closing the episode, we got an empty arena match. Not sure when the last time I saw one of those was. Shitty joke, I know. Anyway, the outcome was obvious and the style went in the exact direction that I expected. While far from the best walk and brawl you could find, it was still a largely enjoyable outing and I give props to MJF for going out the correct way.

I've said before that Fusion can be a very fun, ECW style show but with that, just like Hardcore TV, it is very mixed-bag in overall quality. This time around, it was certainly a worthwhile addition and honestly just a fun watch. In these times, we need breaks from the bullshit around us so go ahead and click play and enjoy.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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