STARDOM No People Gate Review

Matches from STARDOM No People Gate:
1.NPG Battle Royal **
2.Super Strong Starlight Machine vs Tora **1/4
3.TCS(Hana,Jungle) vs Donna del Mondo(Giulia,Maika) ***
4.Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Oedo Tai(Bea,Hayter) (c) vs Queen's Quest(Momo,Utami) ***1/2
5.Lumberjack: Mayu vs Saki ***1/2

STARDOM decided to put on a show despite the corona virus drama and did so in an empty arena format. It made for a fun atmosphere that showcased just how talented their roster is. Some still played to the crowd which was funny, too.

The battle royal was ok. Touches of comedy mixed in. I just rarely like these types of matches, but no big deal. It led into the second which was decent but nothing really special. Too bad Arisa was hurt.

The second half was far better, for what it's worth.

Match three was a good tag encounter but DDM have a way to go to truly be on the same level as the rest of the units. A bit rocky at times, but good nonetheless. My daughter's third favorite wrestler (behind Riho and Luchasarus) is Jungle, by the way.

The Goddesses defense was pretty good stuff and Bea pinning Momo felt big. So far, this was the best thing on the show and I'm intrigued with the direction of the new version of Oedo Tai as well as their plans for Utami at this point.

For the main event, Mayu and Saki made the lumberjack stipulation work better than usual. Yea, it was chaotic and a bit disjointed and, honestly, overbooked. It also was fun for what it was and they worked pretty hard to keep it entertaining. Hell, Mayu rolled down an arena's worth of stairs. The endstretch put it over the edge into recommendation territory.

STARDOM made the best of a bad situation and put in for a solid show here. No, it won't win any awards, but consider checking this out if you're bored. If you only want something I'd personally recommend, just stick to the last two, though.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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