MLW Fusion #105 Review

1.Pagano, Mortiz vs Warner, Vega **
2.MLW National OW Title: Hammerstone(c) vs Laredo Kid **1/2

This is part of the Super Series tapings co-hosted by AAA. Not sure how many fans of MLW will understand why they're in an EMW ring, but if you're one of those don't worry about it. Basically just know that EMW is basically an AAA house show fed.

We start with an opener that was a chaotic mess, as expected. Yea, you can skip it, but it's a fun train wreck that you should at least consider.

The middle of the episode was heavy with plot pushers. Park/Psycho should be fun.

Closing things out, Hammerstone and Laredo Kid worked a rather standard, big/small formula title match. They protected Laredo by giving him a visual victory following a ref bump. It was okay, but also forgettable.

This was one of the more average hours of wrestling I've seen all year. Skip it.

BTE, AAA, Memes, and DDT are likely next.

Overall Rating: 50/100%

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