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Select Match Reviews: An All Out Boat Race to Damnation

Match from DDT Biwako Part Three: Boat Racing in Martial Arts on Water 1.ALL OUT vs DAMNATION *** Thoughts: This was an enjoyable, but skippable, sprint. If you want something quick (it's less than 9 minutes), it is well worth that span, just don't expect anything mindblowing.

Select Match Reviews: GALLI vs Lucha Underground

Match from GALLI 03/24 1.Team LU (Pentagon, Rey Horus, Dragon) vs Team GALLI (Golden Dragon, Gringo Loco, Bandolero) ***1/4 Thoughts: Remember Lucha Underground? Pepperidge Farm remembers. With that lovely show now dead and buried, GALLI is my pick for best lucha based fed stateside. This was the expected spotfest and while the pacing did bounce around a tad it was still very fun and a quick watch that did well to showcase not only three of the biggest names from Lucha Underground (RIP) but also GALLI's base roster. Check this out and get a taste of what Illinois lucha has to offer.

IWRG Torneo FILL 85 Review

Matches 1.Copa Higher Power, Torneo Cibernetico: IWRG FILL vs Gym Argentino ***1/2 2.Fresero Jr, Mr. Iguana vs Demonio Infernal, Warrior Jr **3/4 3.Cerebro Negro, Hijo Canis Lupus, Fly Warrior vs Aramis, Imposible, Relampago ***1/4 4.IWRG Rey del Aire Title: Dragon Bane(c) vs Toxin ***1/2 Thoughts: The cibernetico was very good, borderline great, full of action and drama. I didn't care much for the finish and there was a bit of the usual iffy-ness from time to time, but I still recommend checking it out. The tag got bloody fast and was largely good, though a lack of cohesion at times is hard to ignore. Still, a solid enough follow up but skip it if pressed for time. Next up, a trios match that also had a lot of pacing and structure issues. That's especially depressing since the talent involved. Once it got to the endstretch, this rocked, though. Pretty sure the ending didn't go as planned. I really liked the main event, though the finish sucked

Select Match Reviews: Ring of Toro

Matches from ROH Death Before Dishonor 1.ROH World Title: Taven(c) vs Rush ***3/4 Thoughts: Thank God I watch wrestling like this these days. If not, I'd likely pull my hair out after seeing a clip of the Allure bullshit. ROH is a constant one step forward, two steps back promotions these days. Oh well, let's look at the big title change! Note that Taven ended up signing a new contract with Ring of Honor despite dropping the belt and not being seen since. It was a pretty damn good contract, too. He's making 2x what the highest paid NXT talent are with potential for more down the line. I have no idea why he was given that much but props, I guess. Rush has been the one thing I've seen even ROH naysayers complimenting this year so it's nice that they finally pulled the trigger. Now, remember that CMLL decided to run their biggest show of the year on the same day and actually fired Bestia, Rush, and Dragon Lee on the day of. The behind the scenes stuff in CM

Weekly Wrestling TV Roundup: October 2019 (Week 3)

Week of 10/13-10/19 This Week's TV MVP: Kenny Omega I consider Omega to be the best all-around pro wrestler in the game and he proved it once again this week in what had every reason to be a random, one-off. All hail Kenny Omega! Select TV Match Reviews 1.Jinetes del Aire vs Dave the Clown, Monsther Clown, Parka Negra **1/2 AAA Worldwide I was excited to see a Jinetes match this week, especially with Parka Negra involved, but this never hit anywhere near the level I wanted and the finish didn't help the quality. 2.Unsanctioned: Omega vs Janela ****1/4 AEW DARK They did it! They fixed the small graphics issue I had from the first episode. I enjoyed the short opening segment setting this match up as well as the Aubrey sitdown  but skipped the rest of the matches this time around. That said, Dark has more than proven to be a worth companion show to Dynamite, and this unsanctioned match was nearly a MOTYC level contest. I highly recommend this one! Not only did Omega co