Weekly Wrestling TV Roundup: October 2019 (Week 3)

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Week of 10/13-10/19

This Week's TV MVP: Kenny Omega
I consider Omega to be the best all-around pro wrestler in the game and he proved it once again this week in what had every reason to be a random, one-off. All hail Kenny Omega!

Select TV Match Reviews
1.Jinetes del Aire vs Dave the Clown, Monsther Clown, Parka Negra **1/2
AAA Worldwide
I was excited to see a Jinetes match this week, especially with Parka Negra involved, but this never hit anywhere near the level I wanted and the finish didn't help the quality.

2.Unsanctioned: Omega vs Janela ****1/4
They did it! They fixed the small graphics issue I had from the first episode. I enjoyed the short opening segment setting this match up as well as the Aubrey sitdown  but skipped the rest of the matches this time around. That said, Dark has more than proven to be a worth companion show to Dynamite, and this unsanctioned match was nearly a MOTYC level contest. I highly recommend this one! Not only did Omega come off amazing (as usual), Janela cemented his place in AEW here, too.

3.NWA World Tag Titles: Wildcards(c) vs Outlaw Inc **1/2
NWA Powerrr
This was solid but the run-in killed the momentum as it was starting to build nicely. I still HATE the show's name.

4.SCU vs Best Friends ***3/4
AEW Dynamite
Another great opener, as AEW continues to do the small things right while also doing perfect to build their stars. This was a wild opener and a good way to start the show correctly.

5.Inner Circle vs Beaver Boys NR
AEW Dynamite
It was cool seeing Silver on AEW, and the fomrer LAX/EYFBO boys looked good, as always, in victory. The tag division of AEW is truly elite.

6.AEW Women's Title: Riho(c) vs Baker **3/4
AEW Dynamite
The women's division has a lot of talent yet still seems a bit...off. This was solid, either way. Maybe the division just needs a bit more time to gel properly? I'm curious how the STARDOM situation might be relevant going forward for AEW, by the way...

7.Lucha Bros vs Jurassic Express ***1/2
AEW Dynamite
Very good tag action with the right team winning. The Lucha Bros are being booked as true dicks in AEW and I love it, by the way. I'm hoping they win the tournament and then we get a three-way ladder match with Santana and Ortiz and the Bucks soon after.

8.The ELITE vs PAC, Mox ***3/4
AEW Dynamite
Great tag action pushing forward two major upcoming matches. A lot of tag action on this episode, but that's okay when they all were as enjoyable as they were. Oh, and those CZW chants were awesome to hear.

9.AEW Title, Street Fight: Jericho(c) vs Darby ***1/2
AEW Dynamite
Very good main event to close the evening, even with the cheap finish. I love how Darby is being booked. In all, this was my favorite overall Dynamite episode so far as AEW continues to rock!

10.Drago vs Villano III Jr vs Aerostar ***
AAA Lucha Capitol
AAA's Facebook tournament series is back for a new season. It's actually a fun concept in a fun location, even if the tournament itself is guaranteed to not make sense by the end. It's a lucha thing. Anyway, if you want something random to watch on Wednesdays after Dynamite, here ya go. This one was good, though not without a few issues, and a nice enough way to start checking out the new season if you're interested.

11.Mercedes vs Starr ***3/4
Beyond Uncharted Territory
This was a great battle between two great talents and another example of why Beyond's weekly series needs to be on your radar. Starr has his eyes set on the Independent Championship and I am beyond excited about that!

12.Gran Alternativa Final: Mistico, Fugaz vs Valiente, Star Jr ****
CMLL Viernes
Like any good tournament final, this was heavy on drama and big spots. I wish I could say they'd follow up on it in an appropriate manner, but any CMLL fan that saw this knows not to expect much. Still, this was fantastic and well worth the watch.

Other Stuff:
1.Being the Elite Thoughts
A nice mixture of behind the scenes and typical BTE segments this week. Kenny called out Knox for not ending the main event in DQ from episode one of Dynamite and Knox realizes in general that he needs to chill out a bit. The Best Friends and Orange sections were the most entertaining part of this week's episode though the shitty merch idea stuff continues to be fun, too. Has there ever been a sincerely bad installment of BTE?

2.WRESTLE-1 TV Thoughts
Tour Updraft action this week from the 10/14 gig. Andy Wu kicked things off with a win in a decent looking contest over Hajime. The champ won clean over Ganseki in a midcard contest, with W1 clearly looking to focus more on the upcoming tag tournament than the top prize of the promotion. I'd prefer a bit of both, to be honest, and consider Inaba's booking thus far since winning the belt to be a bit inconsistent. The Strong Hearts six-man looked like the best thing on the show, though the last three in general looked good. The Enfants took an L to close the action side of things against Soya, Kondo, and the Cruiserweight champ. T-Hawk and Ashino had a moment backstage after, hopefully teasing the finals that we should expect. In all, this was a good b-episode.