IWRG Torneo FILL 85 Review

1.Copa Higher Power, Torneo Cibernetico: IWRG FILL vs Gym Argentino ***1/2
2.Fresero Jr, Mr. Iguana vs Demonio Infernal, Warrior Jr **3/4
3.Cerebro Negro, Hijo Canis Lupus, Fly Warrior vs Aramis, Imposible, Relampago ***1/4
4.IWRG Rey del Aire Title: Dragon Bane(c) vs Toxin ***1/2

The cibernetico was very good, borderline great, full of action and drama. I didn't care much for the finish and there was a bit of the usual iffy-ness from time to time, but I still recommend checking it out.

The tag got bloody fast and was largely good, though a lack of cohesion at times is hard to ignore. Still, a solid enough follow up but skip it if pressed for time.

Next up, a trios match that also had a lot of pacing and structure issues. That's especially depressing since the talent involved. Once it got to the endstretch, this rocked, though. Pretty sure the ending didn't go as planned.

I really liked the main event, though the finish sucked out some of the air. Seeing the roof slowly drip onto the mat as these two killed themselves. It was very good, but add a few minutes and a better finish on the rematch and you could have a four star clash.

In all, this was a fun watch but a flawed one. In many ways, that defines IWRG.

Overall Rating: 75/100%