Matches from ROH Death Before Dishonor
1.ROH World Title: Taven(c) vs Rush ***3/4

Thank God I watch wrestling like this these days. If not, I'd likely pull my hair out after seeing a clip of the Allure bullshit. ROH is a constant one step forward, two steps back promotions these days.

Oh well, let's look at the big title change!

Note that Taven ended up signing a new contract with Ring of Honor despite dropping the belt and not being seen since. It was a pretty damn good contract, too. He's making 2x what the highest paid NXT talent are with potential for more down the line. I have no idea why he was given that much but props, I guess.

Rush has been the one thing I've seen even ROH naysayers complimenting this year so it's nice that they finally pulled the trigger. Now, remember that CMLL decided to run their biggest show of the year on the same day and actually fired Bestia, Rush, and Dragon Lee on the day of. The behind the scenes stuff in CMLL right now is a mess. The partnership between the two companies still seems largely okay but it will obviously be a potential headache at times. New Japan officially expanding stateside could, too. Who fucking knows what will happen within a year's time. All I can say is that this title match was not only booked with the right finish but was well worked, too.

In all, a great contest that crowned a great, new face of Ring of Honor. I just hope they do this right, because Rush is sincerely one of the best workers of 2019 and the dude is exactly what ROH needs to be focusing on!