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NWA Powerrr Episode 1 Review

Matches: 1.The Dawsons vs Sal, Buck NR 2.Eli Drake vs Konley **1/2 3.Wildcards vs Mims, White NR 4.Storm vs Jocephus NR 5.NWA Title: Aldis(c) vs Storm ***1/4 Thoughts: I hate the name (Power without the extra fucking r's would've been 1000x better) but I love the old school, studio style here. Aldis' promo at the start of the episode was actually great and I love the stipulation of the main event. The matches and segments that filled the rest of the episode varied but largely just put over the names you'd expect in largely successful fashion. The Drake/Caleb match was the only one that wasn't a squash and both men looked decent. The main event was the real highlight, though it wasn't truly must-see. Good, but far from great. I really did enjoy the feel of this debut episode and I could easily see a lot of people falling in love with the show. While I won't likely be watching another full episode any time soon, expect some pulls on the weekly ro

AEW DARK Episode 1 Review

Matches: 1.CIMA vs Darby ***1/2 2.Lucha Bros, Gueros del Ceilo vs Best Friends, Private Party ***1/4 3.Allie, Baker vs Bea, Penelope ** 4.SCU vs Jurassic Express *** Thoughts: Since this is the debut, I figured I'd go ahead and just do it separate. Going forward, just like Dynamite episodes going forward, Dark matches will be rated in the roundup posts. I'll do the debut Powerrr episode this way, too. First up, the legendary CIMA and Darby! They fucking killed it with this one. Borderline great and a perfect way to kick off AEW DARK. I love the concept of the show and hopefully they'll make the tron screen graphics show this program logo instead of Dynamite next time. It's the small things. Atomicos action to build up the tournament next. Logical choice. Orange coming out to second the Best Friends was cool. That the b-show is so stacked with talent speaks to the sheer depth of this roster. Can I also mention how I love that AEW already has a b-show? Anyway, this was

Weekly Wrestling Roundup: October 2019 (Week 1)

Week of 10/01-10/05 Remember that I did the first two days of the week during Sept. Week 4's roundup and that I reviewed AEW's debut on TNT as a solo review this time due to it being the first edition. Episode two will be covered in the next roundup. Oh, and PuroDream didn't add the latest Cutting Edge yet so I might do that separate or grouped with next week if I decide to watch it. This Week's Roundup MVP: ADAM COLE I considered Kris Stratlander for this spot, since she once again showed how awesome she is on the Uncharted Territory debut, but Cole retained the top prize of NXT in a killer match and was the part of the focus of the two biggest angles of the episode with Finn and Ciampa both returning and putting targets on his back. All hail the Undisputed Era. All hail Adam Cole. TV Match Reviews 1.NXT Title: Cole(c) vs Riddle ****1/4 WWE NXT They promoted the show as "no bs" which is an interesting choice seeing as it admits that most of Raw and

Weekly Wrestling Worth Watching

Back in March, which feels forever ago at this point, I posted a blog entry  that took a look at five wrestling shows worth watching every week. The selections were made for fans tired of Raw and Smackdown, looking for something different. Well, let's expand on that a bit. I've seen multiple sites recently posting guides to weekly shows yet missing several major ones. While I am going to leave out multiple, still only focusing on top promotions and the best of the best, I think you'll find this a bit more complete. I'll try to update it from time to time and know that if a show airs very inconsistently with seemingly no set day or is on hiatus I won't be mentioning it here. Let me know if you think I left off anything of importance and know that the main takeaway here should be how awesome it is to have this much wrestling available to us weekly not even mentioning the special events and non-tv based promotions. MONDAYS While most people think WWE Raw is the

Select Match Reviews: Manik Noir

Match from IPW Super 8 1.Cara Noir vs TJP ***1/4 Thoughts: With my new weekly roundup format, this would have been something that would actually go there but seeing as this was posted last month and I simply missed it... So, Cara Noir has been one of my favorite "ready to breakout" guys of the year and TJP's return to the indies has been largely enjoyable (albeit slightly underwhelming) so a match between the two certainly caught my interest. They worked a contest that reminded me a bit of early 00's indie matches but one that didn't fully get to the level I expected. While fairly good, I wasn't left with the same satisfaction I've walked away with from other Cara Noir outings this year. Note that there were some strong moments here either way and I know no one is perfect each time. While far from bad, I think this is right outside of must-see territory and honestly I was a bit disappointed. Skip it.