Select Match Reviews: Manik Noir

Match from IPW Super 8
1.Cara Noir vs TJP ***1/4

With my new weekly roundup format, this would have been something that would actually go there but seeing as this was posted last month and I simply missed it...

So, Cara Noir has been one of my favorite "ready to breakout" guys of the year and TJP's return to the indies has been largely enjoyable (albeit slightly underwhelming) so a match between the two certainly caught my interest.

They worked a contest that reminded me a bit of early 00's indie matches but one that didn't fully get to the level I expected. While fairly good, I wasn't left with the same satisfaction I've walked away with from other Cara Noir outings this year. Note that there were some strong moments here either way and I know no one is perfect each time. While far from bad, I think this is right outside of must-see territory and honestly I was a bit disappointed.

Skip it.