AEW DARK Episode 1 Review

1.CIMA vs Darby ***1/2
2.Lucha Bros, Gueros del Ceilo vs Best Friends, Private Party ***1/4
3.Allie, Baker vs Bea, Penelope **
4.SCU vs Jurassic Express ***

Since this is the debut, I figured I'd go ahead and just do it separate. Going forward, just like Dynamite episodes going forward, Dark matches will be rated in the roundup posts. I'll do the debut Powerrr episode this way, too.

First up, the legendary CIMA and Darby! They fucking killed it with this one. Borderline great and a perfect way to kick off AEW DARK. I love the concept of the show and hopefully they'll make the tron screen graphics show this program logo instead of Dynamite next time. It's the small things.

Atomicos action to build up the tournament next. Logical choice. Orange coming out to second the Best Friends was cool. That the b-show is so stacked with talent speaks to the sheer depth of this roster. Can I also mention how I love that AEW already has a b-show? Anyway, this was chaotic fun with a bit more cohesion than you typically see in clusters like these. A dip from the opener, to be sure, but still enjoyable in the end and a more than serviceable follow up. Am I the only one that remembers Angelico and Jack Evan's team name?

Sadly, the fun ride came to a very average match next. Easily the weakest thing on the show, a bit rough around the edges, and somehow it felt twice as long as it really was.

The main step down from their last encounter but a solid enough main event to the debut episode of DARK. Good match, either way.

I think this show is a perfect idea and I'm glad AEW is moving quick to give fans more content. For a first episode, this was about as good as you could ask for especially seeing as it's their b-show.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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