The Jets hope to make Giants look worse | Game of the Week

This Sunday, in the midday slot, Gang Green looks for another victory after last Monday's dramatic clash in Met Life. This one is running in Texas and the Cowboys started their season with a victory, as well.

What does that mean?

It means the Jets are heading into a town full of folks thinking their team is Super Bowl ready.

Trust me, I know Dallas fans.

The biggest story of the game will be if Wilson can step up. After being the latest in a long line of recent QB crushing stretches, the backup to Rodgers is going to have to find his confidence again playing for a team that has no confidence in him.

Our turnstile O-line won't help much. Will the defense, and special teams be the answer again, though?

Keep Dak from getting hot, play smart, and hope for a bit of luck. Do that, and the Jets are looking at a 2-0 start. Don't and you're splitting it even.

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