Red's Retro Game Rewind no. 0

A trip to my favorite abandonware site, serving as a shopping trip of sorts, kicks off the first edition of the Retro Game Rewind! I'll be looking back at old games, talking about trivia, and just having some fun with classics in general.

So, I really wanted to start with an rpg. These ancient roleplaying games had an awesome energy about them that I really appreciate, but I also wanted to go outfield a bit and pick something I had no expectations for. This led me to three options.

I mean, this just looks fun af doesn't it?

Up first, I found Star Wars: Galaxies - An Empire Divided. I love the Star Wars universe and have played many games within it. Hell, I've read numerous books that Disney later mutilated (still canon to me), have played a lot of ttrpg sessions using several different systems, and consider myself a big fan in general. I've somehow never heard of this, though.

It's apparently a mmorpg with private servers.

Interesting, for sure.

Pirate games can be great, but aren't super common.

Next, Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales hit my radar. I mean, honestly I just loved the idea of playing as a pirate. I don't get to do that often enough and that's a shame.

Look at this fucking thing!!!

My last option was Legends of Valour. It looked a lot like old Elder Scrolls which is what honestly made this seem worthwhile.

So, now I had to decide how to pick. Ultimately, I decided to run a poll. Then, I remembered I suck at Twitter and decided to roll a D3. Legends of Valour it is! Check back soon for issue one of the new ongoing series where I'll dig in to the game, give some thoughts, and more!

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