Want 5 random matches through the fifth month, kind of from five promotions, that I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on? Here ya go!

We start with Ospreay and Jacobs in RevPro from February. Shots, chops, spots. Jacobs is actually a dude that's been getting my attention more and more. Despite WWE's attempt to murder the European scene, this is one of the best stars that stepped up and it seems he's just getting started. Ospreay was, of course, Ospreay. The dude can have a must-see match with a broomstick for sure and certainly gave Jacobs his best match (that I've seen so far). Fantastic!

Moving on, we head to DEFY and we have Swerve defending the brand's top prize against Nick Wayne. Note that this ran a few months before the kid started appearing on AEW television in a program with Strickland. Also, note that this was arguably far better than their AEW outings. Strickland was a pure dick, playing from above for most of it. Nick would continue to be the resilient underdog that kept trying to come back.

Eventually, he would.

This one ended with Strickland tapping out and was honestly a fantastic battle with some simple, solid storytelling throughout. Check it out, too.

Big Japan Time!

Up first, one of my favorite tag team matches of the year. This one had The Astronauts defending the brand tag belts against Kato Takuho and Hiroyuki Suzuki. Wall to wall, this was simply awesome with a strong pace and lots of nearfall drama. The intensity level was especially entertaining. Watch this one ASAP.

Yuji defended the Big Japan Strong World Heavyweight Championship next. Longterm visitors here know that I absolutely love the big dude and consider him one of my favorite Japanese wrestlers. I've actually seen very little from Yuya, though. 

This was his coming out party. He reminded me so much of a 2005 AJ Styles. At 27, he still has many years left in him and I'm certainly excited to see where he goes from here.

This match? A near-perfect war and a true MOTYC. I urge all fans that missed this one to run and see it ASAP.

Last, a DEADLOCK x Gatoh match. That Saraya is champ in AEW right now while Emi is a meme there is sad to me, but who cares what I think. Anyway, the DEADLOCK and Gatoh folks are smart enough to realize her worth and they booked her against one of the best freelancer joshi stars in the damn game to main event their crossover event series. Also, props to Emi because it feels that she's been really revived of late (outside of the Khan-verse).

They started off having some fun before turning up the heat, making for an especially entertaining dynamic. A lot of smaller joshi feds run that style and I tend to appreciate it, to be honest.

In all, this was a borderline great title match and main event. It'll likely be the most polarizing piece from this set, but fans that have any interest in Emi or non-STARDOM joshi should at least consider it.

Everything from this collection is honestly worth watching. Check them out or pick around. Thanks, as always, for watching. Let me know if you need assistance on locating anything.

Match Ratings

  1. Ospreay vs Jacobs ****1/4
  2. DEFY World Title: Swerve(c) vs Wayne ****
  3. BJW Tag Titles: Astronauts(c) vs Kato, Suzuki ****1/4
  4. BJW Strong World Title: Yuji(c) vs Yuya ****3/4
  5. DPW Women's Title: Emi(c) vs Takase ***1/2