CMLL 90th Aniversario | Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest 138

Honestly, I'm loving the vibe CMLL has been putting out this year. Sure, they still have a mountain of issues that you can tell the old-heads have no interest in addressing, but that's kind of normal in Mexico. The fact is, the roster has been on fire and they are more than making up for the missteps and iffyness. Meanwhile, AAA is a dumpster fire again

Up first, a CMLL World Women's Tag Titles vacancy fill featuring 

They really went for it here. They knew they had a crowd of thousands to pump up and that they were the only women's match of the night and they went for it big. A recommendation-worthy encounter to kick us off.

The Copa Independencia finals are up next, with Esfinge taking on Rugido. I had high hopes for this one, folks. Spotfest stuff, with both going move for move in excellent fashion. Esfinge would eventually get the win, but there's not a fan of lucha libre that could watch this and not want to see more Rugido.

Trios action followed, with the one and only Virus teaming up with Fuerza Guerrera and Satanico on one side and Blue Panther, Octagon, and Atlantis in a battle of vets. Virus, 54, was the youngest dude in this match. Maybe one of these old farts should fake being a US citizen and run for POTUS. They're more aware that our current one and likely better than the dude that's retaking office soon.

This overdelivered, by the way. Satanico was clearly in the ropes on the finish. Fairly good stuff.

What's next? Lince Dorado teamed with Samuray del Sol, hoping to prove that they could, in fact, get rid of that Vince-verse stink. Their opponents? Titan and Soberano Jr. Tell me that doesn't sound sweet af!? Potentially, at least? It landed pretty well. As it went along, it actually seemed like the stink indeed washed off. It's a good thing, since those WWE discards got the nod. At least they got some good pay for a while. Good on 'em.

TJP, Knight, and the people's champ, Rocky Romero, faced Atlantis Jr, Mistico, and the new Mascara Dorada (2.0). A main event any other night, for sure. Rocky has, in particular, been a master of the craft this year. The third fall really elevated things, built off the back of a solid first two; all involved looked good and the entire thing was honestly top shelf. 

Ultimo Guerrero and Averno versus Angel de Oro and Volador Jr. Whichever side wins would then face off in a hair match, which makes for a sweet storytelling seed building off of their pasts. Volador would need to be taped up after while, adding to the drama. Eventually, rope assist destroyer would end this, resulting in Angel getting a haircut.

The main event saw Templario facing Dragon Rojo Jr with their masks on the line. The constantly injured wyrm attacked during the cross-wearing standout's entrance, setting a proper tone and a nice level of intensity in general. The nearfalls were aplenty and the crowd was on fire, and eventually we'd got the right result.

Templario pinned Dragon Rojo Jr. as the crowd creamed themselves.

The level of emotion during these moments is always amazing.

Backstage, post-match comments from Dragon Rojo Jr.

This was one of the best shows of the year. It's that simple. Fucking watch this as soon as possible!

Match Ratings

  1. CMLL Women's Tag Titles: Vaquer, Zeuxis vs Chicas Indomables ***1/2
  2. Copa Independencia Final ****
  3. Atlantis, Blue Panther, Octagon vs Satanico, Fuerza Guerrera, Virus ***1/4
  4. Samuray del Sol, Lince Dorado vs Soberano Jr, Titan ***3/4
  5. Romero, TJP, Knight vs Mistico, Atlantis Jr, Mascara Dorada ****1/4
  6. Relevos Increibles Suicida de Apuesta Cabellera Finals ****1/4
  7. Apuesta Mascara: Dragon Rojo Jr vs Templario ****1/4

Overall Rating: 90/100%

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