Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #62: DG Cutting Edge Battle!! #155 Review


I had realized that I had overlooked this episode, which was seemingly a mistake considering the card. I'm still on vacation one more day so it made sense to me to add it to the pull list real quick.

Up first, Eita falling to Yuki and two frog splashes. They made the Perros challenger look strong in defeat here, but the resilient, charismatic champ overcame and had good support from the crowd in doing so. I've said before that DG are the kings of evolving and Yuki's reign is the latest evidence.

Fantastic, hard worked content. What a way to start an episode!

Next, we close with the brand's tag straps on the line.

Madoka's piledriver is magnificent and closed a very good tag team match in a visually spectacular manner. His heat in the downstretch in general was pretty legit to be fair and elevated this in general. A fun sprint to close the installment.  

D'courage were highlighted here with two big victories. Yuki retained and the duo of Dia and Kikuta dethroned. The people rejoiced! I really enjoyed this edition personally and strongly recommend it to anyone that previously missed the content (like I almost did). 

Match Ratings

  1. Open the Dream Gate Title: Yuki Yoshioka(c) vs Eita ****
  2. Open the Twin Gate Titles: Kung Fun Masters(c) vs Dragon Dia, Madoka Kikuta ***1/2
Overall Rating: 85/100%

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