Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #61: Takin' it to the streets (Shingashi Exciting Festival)

Shunma vs HARASHIMA vs Oishi vs Nabe ****1/2C

Shingashi Exciting Festival

For this edition of the Pro-Wrestling Digest, I am watching a recent street wrestling release from DDT. If you've never watched these before,'s time to fix that.

In this edition, we had mascots, balloon weapons, traffic cones, and even the kids got involved a few times. Fuck, there was a game of dodgeball. Things like these are pure entertainment for anyone that can remove their heads from their asses long enough and this was no exception.

No need to take things so seriously, after all.

If you want to watch four dudes walk all around a small portion of a town in front of a lot of fans, having fun and beating each up with random things this is well worth the click. If you want to be a Braun fan, move along. ;)

Note that I tacked on the C for comedy to the rating, but honestly it went hard at times and I really loved the fuck out of it. To each their own, of course, but all jokes aside this was a banger.

I wish America was this cool...

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