Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #47: CMLL Aniversario 89+ Review

Match Ratings

  1. Leyenda de Plata Final: Templario vs Soberano Jr ****1/4
  2. CMLL World Heavyweight Title: Hechicero(c) vs Euforia ***3/4
  3. Grand Prix Internacional Cibernetico ****
  4. Copa Independencia Final: Angel de Oro vs Mistico vs Volador Jr ****
  5. Apuesta: La Jarochita vs Reyna Isis ****
  6. Cuadrangular de Parejas Suicidas Final, Apuesta: Stuka Jr vs Atlantis Jr  ****1/4
  7. CMLL World Welterweight Title: Titan(c) vs Suicida ***3/4
  8. CMLL Rey del Inframundo Title: Terrible(c) vs Stuka Jr ***
  9. Best 2/3 Falls: Atlantis Jr vs Volador Jr ***1/2
  10. Torneo Leyenda Azul Cibernetico ***1/2


For this edition of the Pro-Wrestling Digest, I wanted to quickly watch this year's big Aniversario event alongside some other noteworthy CMLL matches that I had missed. I give props to the oldest promotion in the world for finally getting a bit of a spark back this year, which has equated to several enjoyable outings from their legit great roster.

We start with this year's Leyenda de Plata finals match which saw Templario and Soberano in singles action.

These two just happen to be two of the hardest workers in lucha libre so my expectations were pretty high here. The good news is that this just happened to payoff nicely and turned out to be one of the best matches out of Mexico in 2022. The crowd was hot and the talent stepped up for them here, delivering blow after blow, spot after spot, in breakneck speed. I also happened to adore seeing Tempy win this one.

Fantastic and easily recommended!

Next, big Hechicero putting the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Euforia!

I am actually a huge fan of Hechicero and Euforia is pretty underrated so this had a lot of potential, too. We started with a nice technical showcase before exploding into a higher intensity level bit of action. The pacing worked well and the general ebb and flow allowed for some serious drama as it looked at times like we had a title change on our hands.

Instead, Hechicero would eventually put away the challenger. Great stuff overall.

Who doesn't like a good torneo cibernertico? People I don't fucking trust, that's who...

This year's big Grand Prix featured Atlantis Jr, Soberano, Mistico, Stuka Jr, Templario, Titan, Ultimo Guerrero, and Volador Jr taking on El Mesias, Lince Dorado, Taven, Eagles, Romero, Kenny King, Oraculo, and Tiger Mask. A good lineup for sure!

It started, following the spectacle entrances, with a big brawl between the two sides. It quickly moved into quick pace action mode as two dudes would take turns with each other before moving on to more spotlight moments.

Tiger Mask and Volador finished us, which was a nice touch. Some throwback moments were sprinkled in here, adding nice story bits to the clusterfuck insanity. In all, this was a fantastic contest but one that will surely be polarizing to some.

If you already love the match gimmick, and are my kind of people, you'll wanna see this. If you are my enemy you might wanna skip it.

Next, we get to the big one!

Volado "Green Goblin is my homeboy" Jr, Mistico, and Angel de Oro start us off with a finals match where all three workers were listed tecnico! It was worked as an elimination style match.

Volador would eliminate Mistico first, thanks to some cheap mask pull heel work from the other two. Angel would win shortly after. Quality shit here with nonstop action. In many ways, this could easily be seen as a fantastic showcase of modern lucha libre.

A ceremonial performance followed which set a nice tone for the stream.

Next, women's mask versus mask drama!

They brought the right intensity for sure, following decent entrances, and I have to give major props here. To be blunt, the CMLL women's division isn't known for being super stacked and often underdelivers at that. Here, we have an exception and, as a result, perhaps the best match the division has put out in a decade.

Check that one out.

The main event saw the next chapter in the rise of Atlantis Jr, which has easily been one of the best stories in Mexico of late. They worked their asses off to make the situation land nicely and the crowd, and I, were all in here.

Expert storytelling and top shelf in-ring work. Stuka has been an underrated workhorse for years so this was especially emotional, too.

The stream linked above for this show is, simply put, a must-see experience. All of the matches delivered big and the action and drama mixed perfectly to make it one of the best lucha libre experiences in recent history. If you're only going to watch a little lucha this year, make sure that is the video you add to your pull list!

CMLL 89. Aniversario, Overall Rating: 90/100%

Next, Titan put his strap on the line.

This one was a great throwaway bombfest that reminded us all that Titan is awesome. Suicida was pretty dang good here, too. Simple, but sweet. Worth considering.

Next, we head to a Day of the Dead event match!

Stuka Jr challenged El Terrible in this one. It was cool seeing Stuka win something after dropping his mask and he has a decent enough look that I am sure he'll continue to be relevant in the company. I consider this good news.

Terrible stepped up a bit to play his side, which he does once or twice a year, to make this decent enough. I love the way these are presented to be honest, but it's arguably the weakest thing of the set and therefore the hardest to recommend.

Next, Volador Jr and Atlantis Jr in singles action.

I have to say, this was borderline great! Atlantis Jr worked hard and Volador actually tried, which is always a great thing when it actually happens. Your mileage may vary but I'm thinking it's more likely you enjoy it a tad more than I did than less.

We close with the Leyenda Azul torneo cibernetico match!

This one featured Euforia, Angel de Oro, Atlantis, Mesias, Esfinge, Niebla Roja, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero, Valiente, Gran Guerrero, the Gemelo Diablo pair, Kraneo, Volcano, and Yota. I don't think I missed anyone. Not too bad, but weaker than the other tournament lineups of the set.

Anyway, this was tagged 100 anos del nacimiento de Blue Demon so you'd think everyone involved would work their asses off to make it memorable. Alas, it was very good yet largely forgettable instead. We didn't even get a big, extended last two spotlight to close it out.

Consider it, but don't rush.

With that, I close number 47. I hope you'll find something to enjoy here.

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