AEW Rampage #39 Review


1.Darby vs Strickland ***1/4

2.Baddies vs Skye, Adora, Nightingale NR

3.Lee vs Colten ES

4.ROH TV Title: Joe(c) vs Trent ***


Strickland and Allin continued renewed their past tensions with a fairly good opener. I have it sitting outside of recommendation levels by a hair and perhaps a slightly stronger finish would have elevated it to that point, but I actually think the in-ring performances and the general layout worked well for the situation. I expect a rematch with bigger ramifications in the near future.

That suplex to the outside was awesome, by the way.

Spears teases Morrissey.

I know women's tag straps have been talked about heavily. I was under the impression they'd be coming pretty soon but a lot of those rumors from my sources and other places I consider to hold validity have seemingly gone quiet on the subject.

Note that I dig the new Baddies unit and I think it'll help everyone attached to it. The TBS Champ is still developing and it can help to have allies in such a role. Hogan had been MIA so anything is better than that. Oh, and Velvet is someone I have a lot of hopes for and I think this should serve well for her growth as well.

Anyway, match two was a squash though they managed to get a tiny spotlight in for Willow to build off of her last performance.

Darby and Strickland had a moment. A rematch was teased.

Keith Lee and Colten Gunn was an extended squash.

Danhausen and Hook continued their ongoing program as we get closer and closer to the two forming a Blackman/Snow style team. It got Nese on screen too, which was fine.

We closed with a good one between Samoa Joe and Trent. It was only eight minutes and they didn't go all in, but for the situation it was acceptable enough and Trent continues to be an underrated member of the roster.

After, Lethal and his crew came out once again. Orange tried to stand up to Singh. Chaos followed.

In all, episode thirty-nine was a good hour of television but far from being must-see. If you skipped it, either keep it that way or watch the opener and then move along.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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