1. Silver vs Nemeth **1/4
  2. WorkHorsemen vs Varsity Blonds **1/2
  3. Spears vs Crewe ES
  4. Team Taz vs Lucas, Yaki ES
  5. Hart vs Love NR
  6. Nese vs Ruffin ***
  7. Angelico vs Uemura ***1/2
  8. Dante vs Invictus ***
  9. Diamante vs Storm ***1/4


I'm nearly caught up on AEW content, folks. Along the way I noticed this episode of Dark. I've spoken in the past about how the YouTube shows can been very enjoyable at times. I'm hoping that this one will be an example of that.

Up first, we have Nemeth taking on John Silver. Six-minutes and a handful of change. Decent action with a bit of humor and the right dude won.

Does anyone else think that Dark Order could be a far bigger unit if booked differently? I mean, they're already rather popular but the group in general tends to be cannon fodder in big spots and the storylines with the group have been mixed.

Tony and Toni have a talk backstage to build the main as well as a tag match on Rampage. WWE can't stand having people with similar names. AEW doesn't give a flying fuck.

The WorkHorsemen are up next. Taz has to mention that they're really decent on the indies because in AEW they've barely shown it. I actually really like the duo for the record. They went heel here and attacked the Varsity Blonds early. I actually was reminded heavily by this of something I would have seen if I was to turn on an old episode of WCW's pre-Nitro days. I mean that in a good way for those that might be wondering. While calling it recommendation levels would be a lie, I still appreciated it for what it was.

After, Pillman had some mic time and he directed it at House of Black. A reminder, but I mentioned here months ago that Hart would be turning heel.

It's coming.

Spears got an extended squash, Team Taz got an extended squash, Hart got a squash.

Nese and Ruffin was a good little throwaway.

MOTN was easily Angelico versus NJPW's Uemura. Very good stuff with both looking good in the process, especially Angelico.

Dante and Khash was good for what it was. Khash is a decent worker and Dante is continuing to grow very nicely.

We closed with Diamante versus Toni Storm. I was surprised Diamante was playing from above here for so long but it worked well enough as the Storm comeback and victory came off decently. A good main event to close the evening.

Dark continues to be a fun filler show, folks. The commentary is loose and enjoyable as always, the roster clearly has a good time, and there's just a good tone about the whole thing. I don't love the way TK utilizes it at times to skip stronger storytelling but this edition wasn't overloaded with that nor completely squashes so I'll consider that to be a nice set of bonus points. This specific installment doesn't exceed expectations enough to magically become must-see television, but it did well enough in my book that I walked away not feeling like I wasted my time and I did have some fun along the way.

Sometimes, that's enough.

Overall Rating: 70/100%