AEW Dynamite #134 Review


  1. Cash vs Dax ***3/4
  2. Blackpool Combat Club vs The Factory ES
  3. Archer vs Wardlow ***1/4
  4. Philly Street Fight: Deeb vs Shida ***1/2
  5. Undisputed Elite vs Varsity Blonds, Dante, Anderson, Johnson ES
  6. TNT Title, Ladder: Guevara(c) vs Sky ***


The FTR Owen qualifier was a Hart tribute match and a great one at that, kicking us off on a strong note. I'd love a rematch. I'd also love to see FTR continue their hot streak of fantastic bout after fantastic bout.

Punk/Page is announced for Double or Nothing. Punk promoted the match and himself to the crowd.

Next, Regal's soldiers plowed through The Factory. It was really just an extended squash, but BCC looked good.

The AEW trios straps are completed and will debut soon. I'm hearing that we're getting Kenny, Matt, and Nick versus Cole, Kyle, and Fish as the finals, but I'd be surprised to not see BCC go far. Shit changes and my sources aren't always perfect, of course.

Moving along, the MJF/Wardlow program continued with two big men pounding it out. They're doing very well in building up this dude and the match here was fairly good, too. Also, a clean win over Archer is a big deal.

Hey look, we're finally getting the payoff to the Deeb/Shida build. Luckily it was very good stuff and I am actually pretty excited to see Serena take the W. It could have been a bit smoother, but in all it was just pure fun.

Fenix is back. The segment featuring his return, alongside his allies to run off House of Black was a bit clunky but fun nonetheless.

Undisputed Elite got a bounce back win. It wasn't much of anything. Basically an extended squash.

Kingston was burned by the JSA.

The evening's main event saw Scorp become a 2x TNT Champion. I didn't love the ladder match, to be honest nor do I love the hot potato shit, but I do think they are finally getting steam in the feud and that this victory could help Sky finally get a nice, legit push.

We'll see.

The show was a mixed bag but, like usual, was more good than bad. If you skipped it, just watch the opener, maybe the street fight, and then skip the rest.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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