AEW Dynamite #132 Review


  1. Punk vs Penta ***1/2
  2. AEW Tag Titles: Jurassic Express(c) vs reDRagon ***3/4
  3. MJF vs Dean NR
  4. Jericho Appreciation Society vs Kingston, PnP **
  5. Skye Blue vs Shafir NR
  6. Team Taz vs Strickland, Lee ****
  7. ROH TV Title: Suzuki(c) vs Joe ***3/4


This show was a wild ride. Since AEW is a pro-wrestling variety show, not everything lands for everyone. Usually, far more lands than not for me. Mileage will vary, though.

Punk and Penta was pretty good and a nice way to kick things off. I'd dig a rematch, to be honest.

Jurassic Express retained the division straps next against reDRagon. It was great stuff and I'd be up for a rematch on this one, too. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus have had a far better reign than I expected which is nice considering I already thought rather highly of the duo.

MJF versus Dean was literally just an angle. I at least enjoy the angle.

The JAS beat Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz through sports entertainment style tactics. Average stuff and a program that admittedly could be better.

Shafir and Skye Blue was not pretty, but it worked well enough as a debut.

Team Taz versus Swerve and Keith Lee overdelivered and was a fantastic tag team match. I truly enjoyed this one, even with the cheap finish. Starks should have gotten the winning pin, though.

The main event this week saw Samoa Joe best Minoru Suzuki in a great sprint, winning the Ring of Honor World Television Championship in the process. This would have been a fine ending, but they set up something the week prior and they insisted on pushing through.

As I bet many of you already have heard, AEW decided to do a big man debut as he stood alongside, and above, Jay and Dutt. The three beat down the new champ to officially close the installment.

It did not land well and I agree with that sentiment for sure.

In fact, I attached a video above that AEW released that showed the post-show, fan pleasing shit that they close events with. Watching that made that tone deaf debut a reduced blow and instead essentially closed the show on a high note for myself as well, despite being nowhere near the south and being completely without a time machine. Perhaps I shouldn't include it in my rating, but I appreciate the upload and would love it if they'd add these more often.

I needed to be cheered up and this episode did more good than bad, essentially helping a touch with that hard demand I had placed upon a television show.

Thank you.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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