AEW Rampage #36 Review


  1. Danielson vs Trent ***1/2
  2. Strickland vs QT **
  3. Red Velvet vs Nightingale ***1/4
  4. Moxley vs Yuta *****


I appreciated the opener, with Trent and Bryan working a pretty good contest with storyline ramifications. It worked rather well as a package.

Hook remains immune to dark magick.

We had a segment with Sammy, Conti, Scorp, Dan, and Page. It was fine. I don't care much for the program, to be honest.

Strickland versus Jericho's Sports Entertainer of the Week was okay. After, Starks challenged Swerve to a tag match on Dynamite.

Let me take a moment to give props to the women involved in the semi real quick, too. Willow has admittedly never impressed me a lot, but here she was a completely different worker. I was almost certain I was looking at a different worker. Red Velvet continues to be a fun project, too. I think she has a lot of potential and is clearly eager to improve. This all combined for a far better match than I had expected and just outside of recommendation levels. I'd love a rematch to see if they can improve on things.


Sterling looks to represent Nese, which is a decent idea. PAB, folks.

We closed with an amazing display of why pro wrestling is an artform. This main event was an perfect blend of storytelling and violence, with Wheeler Yuta and Mox putting in for a classic. I could rant and ramble for a thousand words on this one alone, but I try to keep things short and sweet here. Just know that I personally consider this one of my favorite matches of all time and repeat viewings solidified that view.

So, this episode was awesome. We had a very good opener, a fine follow up, a semi that way overdelivered, and a main event that I fucking loved. Take out the shitty Sammy segment, and this would have been one of the best episodes of pro wrestling of all time.

It's still pretty damn close.

Watch this one ASAP if you missed it. Watch it again even if you didn't.

Overall Rating: 90/100%

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