Upcoming Vacation, Changes to Digest

Hello, ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries.

I wanted to announce that at the end of the month, I'll be going on a vacation.

I'll be traveling, heading across several states, going to Disney World, etc.

As a result, I should be clear that you shouldn't expect much in the way of updates since I am the main contributor to RW+B and three main sides of it (Red's Wrestling+ Blog, Red Rose News, NERD5H1T).

Also, the ongoing Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest series will be getting an update.

Now, I will instead be taking this time away to switch things up a bit and split the digest into parts.

Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest will now be released monthly as:

  • Red's American Pro-Wrestling Digest
  • Red's Lucha Libre Digest
  • Red's Puroresu Digest
  • Red's European Pro-Wrestling Digest

Not only do I think that this will provide a smoother way to drop installments, but I think it will streamline the reading experience for y'all, too.

I will also still be posting reviews of full events and episodes when I choose to actually watch a full event/episode.

Thanks, as always, for continuing to stop by.

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