dWo #12: Fighting (in Vain) Spirt?

This one started in Manhattan, with the Rangers on the plate. Shesterkin outperformed the chances, allowing the Rangers to take the W.

Next, back to the Rock.

They bested St. Louis first, thanks in part to Ty Smith appearing out of the ashes again. This one went overtime. Pavel won the puck, hit it to Dougie, and the rest was history.

Colorado was next in a climatic battle of wills. In the third, Acey Hughes and Bastian put in the work to put New Jersey up 4-3. Yegor would seal it with an empty netter. It was a comeback story. If the circumstances were different, it would have been even more remarkable.

Despite trading spots in the basement with the Flyers, winning two in a row at home against teams of that caliber is a fantastic sight.

That momentum was clipped a bit when they hosted Winnipeg next, though. Comrie was a star that night. Shit happens. That one ended in favor of the Jets, 2-1.

A 4th home game in a row saw the Ducks roam in. That fighting spirit was found once more here. Nico deserves praise for sure. The goal work was tight on both sides of the ice, pumping this into OT and then a shootout. As dreadful as shootouts tend to be for Devils fans, this one actually turned out in our favor. 

I'll make time for the Canucks and Flames games soon and drop word on those in #13.

The fact is, New Jersey at this point is fighting to stay out of last in their division. A change at the top, with coaches being removed, demoted, or floated is a must in the off. Actual logic being added to the play calls and at goalie is a must, too. Hughes currently has potential to be one of the best players in hockey for the next ten years. He needs a team that can step up and make the needed changes to allow for it. The Devils will either continue to suck scum on the bottom, making fans clap for the bare minimum of accomplishments or they'll make pushes for the playoffs very soon.

I sincerely hope we get the latter.

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