Welcome back, ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries! Here's my list of the best of the best from the world of professional wrestling. The cutoff is four stars. I've color coded things to make it easier for myself and for you, too.

Red is for men's singles matches.

Blue is for men's tag team contests of all varieties.

Pink is for women's content.

Purple is for mixed.

Orange is for comedy.


-MJF/Punk Dog Collar Match (AEW)

-Moxley/Yuta on Rampage (AEW)

-JAS/BCC, PnP, Kingston Anarchy in the Arena (AEW)

-Ospreay/Okada G1 Finals (NJPW)

-Gunther/Sheamus Clash at the Castle (WWE)

-FTR/Briscoes Double Dog Collar (ROH)


-Nakajima/Go New Year (NOAH)

-Page/Danielson World Title (AEW)

-Okada/Ospreay in the Dome (NJPW)

-Ospreay/Oku at High Stakes (RevPro)

-Ospreay/Sabre Jr NJ Cup (NJPW)

-FTR/Briscoes at Supercard (ROH)

-Taurus/Laredo Kid/Vikingo/Bandido in Tijuana (AAA)

-Moxley/Takeshita on Rampage (AEW)

-FTR/Briscoes Best 2/3 Falls (ROH)

-Z-Brats/Kung Fu Warriors in Kobe (DG)

-Rhodes/Rollins in the Cell (WWE)

-SHINGO/Ospreay on Dontaku (NJPW)

-Ospreay/Naito in G1 (NJPW)

-Ospreay/Knight Jr in London (RevPro)

-Death Triangle/The Elite at Full Gear (AEW)

-Vikingo/Laredo Kid/Taurus at Gira Aniversario XXX (AAA)

-Vikingo/Laredo Kid Showcenter Finals (AAA)


-NEXTREAM/Runaway SUPLEX New Year Wars (AJPW)

-SHINGO/Okada in the Dome (NJPW)

-Devlin/Ilja Empty Arena (WWE)

-MJF/Punk on Dynamite (AEW)

-Go/Kenou at Step Forward (NOAH)

-Okada/Naito Golden Series (NJPW)

-AHFO/Sting,Darby,Guevara Tornado (AEW)


-SHINGO/Hiromu NJ Cup (NJPW)


-Sabre/Naito NJ Cup Finals (NJPW)

-Sabre/Okada Hyper Battle (NJPW)

-Okada/Naito Dontaku (NJPW)

-Kento/Yuma Sapporo (AJPW)

-Moxley/Biff Bloodsport (GCW)

-Alexander/Ishii Under Siege (IMPACT)

-Yuji/Sekimoto for the Strong Championship (BJW)

-Giulia/Tam Grand Prix Finals (STARDOM)

-Starlight Kid/AZM Cinderella Journey (STARDOM)

-Kamitani/Natsupoi Cinderella Journey (STARDOM)

-Young Bucks/FTR for the ROH and AAA Tag Belts (AEW)

-Bloodline/RK-Bro, McIntyre at Backlash (WWE)

-Young Bucks/Lucha Bros on Rampage (AEW)

-FTR/United Empire/RPG Vice at Forbidden Door (AEW/NJPW)

-Bullet Club/Dudes with Attitudes at Forbidden Door (AEW/NJPW)

-Miro/Black/Pac/Connors at Forbidden Door (AEW/NJPW)

-Ospreay/Orange at Forbidden Door (AEW/NJPW)

-JAS/BCC, PnP, Kingston Blood & Guts (AEW)

-Young Bucks/Team Taz/Swerve in our Glory at Fyter (AEW)

-Danielson/Garcia Fight for the Fallen (AEW)

-Danielson/Garcia Best 2/3 Falls (AEW)

-Endo/Takeshita at Judgement (DDT)

-Lesnar/Reigns Summerslam (WWE)

-Go/Kaito Majestic (NOAH)

-El Lindama/Irie for the G-Rex (GLEAT)

-Sugiura/Tanaka in Tokyo (ZERO1)

-Kingson/Ishii at All Out (AEW)

-ELITE/Dark Order, Page at All Out (AEW)

-Swerve in our Glory/The Acclaimed at All Out (AEW)

-Hayato/MUSASHI in Tokyo (Michinoku Pro)

-Moxley/Ospreay in Illinois (NJPW)

-Villano IV/Psycho Clown in Tijuana (AAA)

-Fenix/Vikingo at TripleMania (AAA)

-Penta/Villano IV apuesta at Triplemania (AAA)

-Reigns/McIntyre at Clash at the Castle (WWE)

-Bron/JD/Ilja at Halloween Havoc (WWE)

-Brawling Brutes/Imperium Donnybrook (WWE)

-Blue Panther, Dark Panther/Panterita del Ring Sr, Jr wrestler a draw (CMLL)

-Bailey/Ospreay in London (RevPro)

-Ospreay/Ishii in London (RevPro)

-Takeshita/Higuchi in Tokyo (DDT)

-Takeshita/Bailey in California (West Coast Pro)

-Bailey/Alexander go an hour (IMPACT)

-Jericho/Danielson/Claudio/Guevara for the ROH World Title (AEW)

-Niebla Roja/Cavernario for World LHW Championship (CMLL)

-Syuri/Momo MidSummer (STARDOM)

-Syuri/Utami Gold Rush (STARDOM)

-HARASHIMA/Shunma/Oishi/Nabe Shingashi Exciting Festival (DDT)


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