AEW Rampage #32 Review


  1. Marq Quen vs Darby Allin ***1/4
  2. Jamie Hayter vs Mercedes Martinez **3/4
  3. Keith Lee vs QT Marshall *3/4
  4. Swerve Strickland vs Tony Nese ***1/2


Darby picked up a win in this week's opener. A good match. After Andrade and crew started to make their way down the ramp before Jeff and Matt came out to help even the numbers out. Allin creamed himself again.

Lambert promotes Sky vs Wardlow.

House of Black want to murder Death Triangle. 

Hayter and Mercedes had a fairly solid two spot match, with the former getting the victory thanks to some help from Britt. Thunder Rosa ran out with a chair to scare off the heels. The drama continues.

Hey look, they're bundling the women's stuff together again. Shida wants Deeb's head.

I'm usually happy with AEW not using a lot of squashes, but Keith Lee really should have squashed QT. Oh well. After, The Factory attacked but failed to take down the big man. Hobbs and Starks on the other hand...

We're "introduced" to Strickland via a pretty good main event with Nese. While the latter lacks charisma, he's a very serviceable worker. Good work from both. Swerve is going to be a big get for TK.

AEW this week had a lot of little good things, but it somehow still felt like a weaker output overall. This episode was still a breeze regardless. If you're in a rush, watch the main if anything at all.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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