IMPACT! Wrestling #918 Review


  1. Willie Mack vs Kenny King ***
  2. Ace Austin vs Crazzy Steve vs John Skyler ***
  3. Influence, Steelz, Evans vs IInspiration, Mickie, Green ***
  4. Rich Swann vs Eddie Edwards ***1/2


Alexander kicks us off, building up his match with Moose at Rebellion. Honor No More interrupts, with Eddie mocking the returning performer. They trade words, with Taven adding on. Team IMPACT runs out to show support before D'Amore ends things, setting up two matches for the night. 

Mack and King was a good opener with the former getting the nod. Honestly it was just super serviceable, completely inoffensive stuff.

Moose bitches about Alexander's return. D'Amore tells him to sign the contract or get stripped.

The X-Division triple threat contenders match was good shit, too. Admittedly, as much as I really like Ace Austin, I would have preferred a different outcome and to see a fresh match.

Gujjar/Raja segment. Decent. VBD then bragged about winning the tag straps.

The women's atomico was a good cluster, showcasing a giant chunk of the Knockouts roster. I was a bit put off seeing the new champ, Steelz eat the pin, though. Still, it was a decent spotlight and kept the show flowing along.

Next, Bullet Club's White, Anderson, Gallows, and Bey come out for some time on the mic. They're interrupted by Shelley and words are exchanged. The segment ended with Sabin coming out and MCMG reforming. I honestly really enjoyed this and even embedded it above at the top. I'm huge on Sabin and Shelley and am very excited to see them back together.

MCMG versus White and Bey next week.

Alexander is set to face Taven next week, too.

Oh, and Deonna will defend her straps against Frost and Shaw next week.

What a fucking card.

We closed with Swann versus Edwards. Borderline great stuff and the MOTN. Not only was this a fine addition to the Honor No More angle, but it was just a strong TV performance in general.

This was honestly a really fun episode. I know this company will forever have that TNA stink on them, even though I admittedly enjoyed most of TNA's content throughout the years, but they've been so consistently entertaining for a while now. I rarely watch full episodes of wrestling, but I don't regret this one and actually recommend it to fans wanting to get back in.

At the very least, watch the video above and then the main event.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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