NXT Roadblock Review


1.Raquel, Cora vs Choo, Kai **3/4

2.Stratton vs Henley NR

3.Last Man Standing: Knight vs Waller ***1/4

4.Io, KLR vs Catanzaro, Kayden ***1/4

5.NXT Tag Titles: Imperium(c) vs MSK **1/4

6.NXT Title: Breakker(c) vs Dolph vs Ciampa ***1/4


Roadblock is the latest special edition of NXT television and another representation of the new era.

The women's side of the Dusty was highlighted with two semifinal matches.

We started with a decent one, with Gonzalez getting attacked early by Toxic Attraction and Cora Jade trying to work essentially a handicap match. It was okay for what it was and started things on an okay note.

Ciampa's gonna win, he knows it!

The Creed Brothers were assaulted in the parking lot. Maybe they can find the dude that attacked KENTA.

Stratton is someone that I am sure thirsty incels love. Henley came off as decent. Sarray interfered.

Some segments followed. A Chase University one, Hayes in a barber shop, Lashing Out, a setup for MSK getting a title shot against Imperium, and Briggs, Jensen denying the Creed attack. All of it was very NXT 2.0 in style, which works for some fans. I felt like it went on forever, was only minimally entertaining, and like my brain was starting to melt out of my ears as this section of the show went on.

The last man standing match was good, with LA Knight putting over Waller big and carrying the greeny throughout. Grayson is still very rough around the edges and this barely hit that quality level even with Knight's efforts.

Bron's gonna win, he knows it!

D'Angelo apparently threatened a dude for wanting to shut down his restaurant of something. I largely tuned it out.

Arguments about who the beta is air.

Next up, we had the other semi. It was good stuff, with both teams working a nice pace that made the runtime feel like it was shorter than it was. Io and KLR are a fun team.

Cora attacked Rose after.

A cringeworthy Indi/Persia segment followed.

McKenzie told Stratton to shut up.

One thing I'd say is that I am glad NXT 2.0 at least spends a decent chunk of airtime promoting their women's division. I find most of the out of the ring stuff to be b-level crap that only Vince could love, and I think the talent level is currently below where the brand has been historically, but it's still a nice sight regardless and something I wish AEW would spend more time on.

The NXT Tag Team Championship defense was in the process of building into something when the Creed Brothers ran in for a non-finish.

Gacy was a creep next.

Dolph's going to win, he knows it!

A-Kid is coming to NXT 2.0, and I am honestly very excited for the dude. I was very early on the guy, when he was still working matches in Spain.

Jiro is as excited as I am. KUSHIDA is better than A-Kid. He's going to win, he knows it.

The main event was fairly good shit. I've enjoyed the angle with the Dirty Dawgs/Ciampa, Bron. It's not been amazing or anything, but it has been pretty entertaining content and has produced a few decent matches. Sometimes, that's enough. I also sincerely enjoyed the surprise finish. I never give WWE the credit these days in believing they have long sight vision when booking things, but I am hopeful they have something in mind here. Either way, everyone involved has came off looking good, this match was good, and the title change was a nice surprise. No complaints from me.

Roadblock didn't produce any must-see content from just an in-ring action side of things. The backstage segments were a legit chore at times, too. Really, the special edition episode is just a 2-hour building block. All of that said, and I still give props to an extent because somehow I walked away not feeling like I completely wasted my time, either. Your mileage will vary greatly and I cannot in good faith recommend watching the full show, nor any specific matches in full, but I would suggest considering the Io semi, the last man standing, and the main event in the form of WWE's YT uploads at the very least presuming you have some form of attachment with the current product.

Hey look, I even imbedded the main event at the top...

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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