We are STARDOM!! #110 Review


1.Mayu Iwatani, Takumi Iroha vs Momo Watanabe, Hazuki ***1/2

2.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Tam Nakano(c) vs Saya Kamitani ****1/4


Fuck this episode rocked!

The tag match opener saw Mayu and Iroha, two of joshi's best and brightest, teaming up to take on Momo and Hazuki in a very good contest.

Tam and Saya's main event with the Wonder strap on the line was truly fantastic, with the action and drama combining nicely for a strong showcase of talent. Kamitani's victory felt like a huge deal and was well deserved.

In all, this installment gets major props for being a must-see half hour episode of professional wrestling. Click play above and enjoy the best series in the art today!

Overall Rating: 85/100%

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