Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle!! #129 Review


1.Open the Twin Gate Titles: Natural Vibes(c) vs Doi, Yoshida ***1/2

2.Open the Dream Gate Title: YAMATO(c) vs Ben-K ***


This one was rather interesting and featured two from last year's Gate of Origin show.

The Twin Gate defense was rather good and featured a title change, which are usually noteworthy (as was this one). Susumu and KING are a good tandem and had three successful defenses prior to this one. The last time Doi held a belt with Yoshida, the latter was still working as Cyber Kong and MAD BLANKEY was still a thing.

The main event is something I was excited for...

It started with a ref bump and featured a fast count finish moments later. A restart led to a desperation heat with the champ retaining. The last half that aired was pretty good, but that clunky WWE style stuff that preceded it kept the rating below recommendation levels.

This felt like a house show edition of the series and was entertaining, but rather skippable nonetheless. Consider it only if you're caught up on other things that catch your eye.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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