Throwback Reviews: Great American Legends (Flair vs Morton, Cage Match)

Match from Great American Bash 1986 Tour, Night Four


A quick side note, but I am sure many might ignore this one right now following the Dark Side episode. The fact is that many wrestlers, especially of the period, were trash people. Learning to separate art from artist and appreciating something, even when it's created by a dumpster fire, is important if you want to be able to watch and enjoy entertainment in general. Most people suck.

This one apparently never aired on television, which is a shame. Morton will forever be known as a tag specialist, but he proved here that he was more than capable of noteworthy singles work. In fact, I've seen some call this Flair's greatest match even. I wouldn't go that far at all, but I will give credit to both regardless. The action was captivating as was the storytelling. I am honestly surprised Flair was even willing to feature Ricky so well throughout, but I am glad this played out like it did.

This is an epic display of fire babyface against giant douche heel and well worth watching, even in 2022!

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