Throwback Reviews Collection: Various Matches from March 1995

Match from CMLL Super Viernes 03/03/95

1.Copa Campeon de Campeones Torneo Cibernetico ***1/2

Match from WWF Raw 03/13/95
3.No Holds Barred: Bret vs Owen ***1/2

Match from JWP Jazz and Soul

Match from AAA Sin Limite Taping 03/17/95

5.Best 2/3 Falls: Hijo del Santo, Mistero Jr, Octagon vs Blue Panther, Psicosis, Fuerza Guerrera ****1/4

Match from JWP 03/21/95

6.Dead Heat One Count: Devil, Dynamite, Fukuoka, Yagi vs Candy, Cutie, Ozaki, Toyama ****

Match from WCW Saturday Night Taping 03/22/95

7.Badd, Wright vs Austin, Anderson ***1/4

Matches from AJW Wrestle Queendom 1995 Victory

8.All Pacific Title, Triangle: Takako(c) vs Reggie vs Yamada ****

9.WWF Women's Title: Bull(c) vs Kyoko ****1/4

10.WWWA World Title: Kong(c) vs Toyota ****1/2


The first two months of 1995 had a few fun matches but this was next level for March. Note that I had been running an ongoing review series that looked at Pillars matches, but it appears YT has taken down many of the videos on the playlist. I am going to see if I can find a work around. Those matches won't appear in these Various Matches bulk review posts regardless.

Over to CMLL for our first pull, we saw Ultimo get beaten down for a stretch during a 90's cibernetico. Jericho took the W in what was a pretty good match. It was especially fun seeing some of the encounters here that I'm sure many would love to see again as a dream match today.

Uncle M teamed with Nephew M and Transformer next, taking on Psicosis, Fuerza Guerrera, and Juvy. There was a comical series of moments bout five minutes in that I don't want to ruin, for the record. Rey was tossed around as expected and the action was constantly entertaining. Transformer, a dude that isn't even on Cagematch (it's not the Kendo version), had what seemed like a seizure and was taken out on a stretcher. The rudos attacked him as he shook. Was I just worked? Misterio, the Nacho Libre looking motherfucker, was pretty good here but his nephew and Psicosis were the real stars, forshadowing the epic battles soon to come between the two a few months later in ECW and on. This was a great match.

Bret and Owen's no holds barred match was the only contest that aired on that specific episode of Raw. It was just over 12-minutes. Luckily, the match itself was pretty good. I mean, it's Bret and Owen though so that's not too surprising. While far from the same level as their more classic encounters, this one really was a fun toss in.

I followed that with an amazing street fight. Seriously, this just fucking rocked. They brawled around the Starlanes, there was color, the table build and spot was great, and the entire thing just landed perfectly. I wish the finish had been a touch better, but that's about my only big nitpick. Well worth checking out and seemingly a lost little gem for many.

Next, building off of #2, Rey and Psicosis started off a trios match. The assortment of workers included here were a better overall batch than the previous match and the contest itself was better, too. It's funny how fucking ahead of the game AAA was back then, because this was a top notch spotfest that killed and holds up perfectly even to today's standards. Tremendous stuff for sure and well worth a look.

We return to Japan for a big elimination style joshi atomico. Right under forty-minutes long, you'll have to make sure to set aside a block of time to give this one a chance. Still, it is indeed worth giving that chance. I mean, it features Devil, Dynamite, Cutie, Ozaki...this is just packed with some talent, folks! The gimmick was fun and it all played out pretty damn well.

WCW gave us a fairly good tag match that I checked out. Austin and Arn are very much FTR and a team that I wish had more outings together. Wright is almost always entertaining and shined nicely here. It ended in dq. Not a must-see tag, but it was good for what it was and serves as a nice throwback.

We head to the close with some second disc of content from AJW's Wrestle Queendom show.

The first match was fantastic stuff for the vacant All Pacific Championship. Triangle rules instead of a triple threat, which means they take turns and the first to win twice wins the match itself. The format worked nicely with Inoue and Yamada killing it for sprints and then Reggie working as a nice monster to change up the pace a bit between. AJW for the time was arguably the most stacked promotion in the world and it shows here considering how talented these ladies are despite being so low down the card.

Next, Bull Nakano defended the WWF Women's Championship against Kyoko in an awesome battle. There was some good story work here, especially from Bull, and the action was top shelf. A great representation of the era.

The last pull saw Kong try hard to murder Toyota as the latter continued to push through over and over again. Aja sincerely looked like she was relishing in the pain she created. Every time the challenger found momentum, she was squashed back down. Time and time again. It took over 20 minutes of this before Toyota finally put in enough to keep the champ down for three. The entire thing fucking rocked!

Yeah, March had some real gems. Consider adding some, or all, of these to your own lists and, as always, thanks for reading.

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