Throwback Reviews Collection: Select Matches from the 60's

Match from NWA Chicago 02/22/63

Match from JWA International Championship Series Night Seven

Match from JWA Winter Series Night Six

Match from JWA Summer Series '68 Night Twenty-one 

Match from JWA NWA Series Night Ten

This set was honestly pretty fun. I enjoy watching how different things were, while other things were far similar than many think, and the 1960's certainly had some hits. The audience were pretty legit during the big matches of the day, too.

Technical battles, brawls, and extended holds. The pacing might have typically been more subdued, but damn if they weren't able to captivate regardless. Rogers, Killer, the underrated Destroyer, Baba, Von Erich. The names involved in the contests I've pulled were all masters of their crafts and elevated these to high levels.

Click and watch any that sound interesting, but know they're all worth it. If you only have time for one, prioritize number three. It was a wild brawl that was far ahead of the game!

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