Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle!! #128 Review


1.Open the Twin Gate Titles: Natural Vibes(c) vs Kongo ***3/4

2.Open the Dream Gate Title: YAMATO(c) vs BxB Hulk ***1/2


Hey look, they finally gave us a new episode and this one was well worth the wait, as annoying as it is to wait so long between episodes.

Anyway, we start with a clip from my second favorite arena setting up the opening match of the week. Since I am a huge fan of NOAH and Kongo, this was a fun sight for sure. The match itself was great, balls to the wall action that saw the champs retain.

Next, we got a package promoting YAMATO and building up the main event.

YAMATO and Hulk working a title match main event in 2022 (taped in 2021) is a fun sight for sure. They clipped this down heavily to make room for that middle content, but this still rocked. There was a weird fighting spirit no sell spot following a big avalanche spot but that's a nitpick. The finish also came off a bit wonky. There was also a badass table spot by the way and a quick pace of entertainment though and it really was very good overall. 

These two, from their Gate of Destiny gig, made for a strong episode of Cutting Edge. I've said before that if they'd air this show every week, it'd be the best ongoing series in wrestling. I stand by that. Alas they don't, but these are almost always must-see and this edition is perhaps even more so than most considering the NOAH addition and since it features two enjoyable title defenses.

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Overall Rating: 80/100%

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