Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle!! #127 Review


1.Open the Brave Gate Title: SB KENTo(c) vs Jacky Funky Kamei ****


Why shouldn't I follow up with another episode, after all? I mean, the last one was pretty fucking fun and rewarded my patience and SB KENTo has really been winning me over.

I made the right choice.

Kamei has less than three years of experience under his belt and has been clearly working hard at his craft. I often say that DG is one of the best at crafting young talent and this remains true after decades of existence. Some claim it's cookie cutter in a way, but I'd argue it is far more complex than that narrow shot allows room for.JFK

Anyway, this match is a perfect follow up to the Dream Gate defense on episode 126.

That one saw one of the oldest vets of the company being tested, but overcoming, a challenge from a rising star. It showcased the past, present, and future nicely. Perhaps the most important aspect of the three was the future, though.

That was further emphasized here.

The Brave Gate belt typically is meant to do exactly that, after all.

SB KENTo continued to be a top heel and looked strong as champion in his role. Jacky has admittedly never truly sold me, but I've been impressed increasingly and that's accurate here, too. He played well in his role and allowed SBK to come off nicely enough with his underdog performance. 

Props for that.

In the end, we had a fantastic match that burned along nicely and was well worth a watch not just for fans eager for more Dragongate, but also for folk just wanting to watch something of quality.

Overall Rating: 85/100%

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