Red's RV Report #3: Whataburger Territory

Well, that was a long trip. We left later than expected due to terrible weather and it took longer than expected because life can suck sometimes.

Along the way, I had a compartment door decide it no longer wanted to stay in place. Tape fixed that.

I had the tires on the dually decide they wanted to fuck each other so they insisted on touching. The place I purchased new tires from fucked up and gave me the wrong size.

I drained the septic for the first time. The attendant and myself found out at the same time that the hose had holes in it. It still seems to be reading full so I need to check today and see if it's a clog, a faulty reading, or something else.

I had to fill the propane for the first time. An hour later I called the fire department to check for a leak. Turns out I had driven past a waste treatment plant. Better safe than sorry.

It was a long trip and we've decided a travel trailer is better for our family moving forward.

The next assignment we've taken is also putting us in a very cold location and I don't have time to prep the RV in time for it so Pikachu will be in storage after the holidays.

I am working on getting all of the things set up for that now.

As a result, future editions will likely be delayed.

It's been a fun, but challenging, experience so far.

Next I will need to remove some wood, clean out the air system, and fix some lamination issues.

I'll update on those when they happen.

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