Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle!! #126 Review


1.Open the Dream Gate Title: YAMATO(c) vs Minoura ***3/4


I'm "back". I am in Texas, following a trip that was full of exhausting moments. The holiday season will see my attention largely consumed with other things and then I am off to the Gopher State immediately after. I'll check in with new posts as often as I can, but regular activity will not resume until I've settled into the next location.

Those silent pops, the ones you make when the dopamine hits but the house is still largely asleep. The situation in which I watched this episode was painted with a few of these unheard sparks. I'm sure that CEB would actually be my favorite pro wrestling tv series if they'd upload new episodes weekly, but instead I find myself going weeks without new content. Seeing as every episode isn't a must-see, this provides a touch of frustration when my wait isn't always rewarded.

I'm spoiled.

Pro wrestling is arguably at the best right now, and fantastic content can be found weekly from a long list of sources. DG is still awesome, having consistently been a top tier promotion despite that lack of attention from fans outside of Japan, but this show and the rate it airs doesn't always sell that as well as it could.

Again, I'm spoiled, but my time is also limited.

Luckily, this week I was rewarded. This is the first wrestling I have watched in about a week. I am happy I pulled it.

Kota is clearly on the brink of being a top name in the company. YAMATO, a well respected vet, was brought to the limits here by the young up-and-comer.

A strategic feeling out process opened this one as they gradually built up, with Kota controlling large portions. The champ was tested, but eventually pulled together enough offense to overcome the challenge.

You wont see this one on any MOTYC lists, but you shouldn't mistake that as a negative. The game is so strong right now, after all. No, this wasn't a classic but it was a great championship match nonetheless and I appreciated the fighting spirit on display here.

Dragongate, in its current state, is showcasing their path to the future. They've, over the years, been capable of shifts and transitions while remaining true to the core philosophy and that's still true now. I suggest this episode to fans wanting to check out the current product or to those just wanting to see a worthwhile title defense.

Click above to check it out.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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